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Does anyone know the real method to unlock the bootloader of the OPPO A94 5G CHP2211??

I had the bad idea of buying an Oppo A94 5g more than 2 years ago and, now that the warranty has passed, I decided to unlock the bootloader as I have done on several mobile phones and, since none of the advertised methods that I have traveled with gave me As a result, I decided to talk to Oppo Spain and they responded "that now the company policy is NOT TO PROVIDE ANY UNLOCK CODE" with which I get feelings, the first is not to buy or recommend any mobile from that brand again, the second I am disappointed that an object that I have bought and paid for DOES NOT BELONG TO ME BECAUSE I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DO MANIPULATIONS WITH IT THAT ARE NOT PROHIBITED BY ANY LAW.
I am absolutely sure that there are a lot of formulas that would allow unlocking but in all of them I have used I get the fateful "unable to open fastboot HAL" that prevents it.
Please, has anyone managed to solve this problem?
I have a PC on Windows 10 and 11 but I don't use Linux and I could only get it on that OS.
Does anyone know of a company that, after paying the cost and giving them the necessary data, could unlock the bootloader even remotely?
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