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Cannot root G Play Mini on kitkat

Hey. First, apologies, I don't really master the spanish language and if I directly translated it on Google Translate it would be really awful.
My device is Huawei G-Play Mini CHC-U01
Secondly, I followed this tutorial:
In which I sucessfully got a bootloader unlock code from Huawei, and sucessfully unlocked my bootloader. I am currently on KitKat(4.4).
When I followed the steps to root my device, I found out that (with USB and mock locations on), I could not root my device with KingRoot(on the latest version or version 4.5), or KingoRoot(with or without an SD card in, with plenty of internal free space, a good internet connection and most background apps killed).
My bootloader is unlocked and it didn't factory reset, so should I reset it before I attempt to root it with KingRoot?
My goal is to archieve Android 6, so is there another way, such as flashing TWRP directly on kitkat or anything I'm missing that prevent me from rooting my device with KingRoot?
Thanks for the help.

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