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OrangeFox Recovery

  • You need a PC for this. If you do not have a PC, or access to a PC, then you are stuck!
    Note – these instructions are for A-only devices:
    • Install adb, fastboot from here, and the relevant USB drivers onto your PC
    • Install the Mi Flash tool onto your PC (only for Xiaomi devices)
    • Download the correct OrangeFox zip file to your phone, and to your PC
    • Extract recovery.img from the OrangeFox zip file, and copy recovery.img to your PC’s adb directory
    • Reboot your phone into fastboot/bootloader mode
    • Unlock your bootloader (skip if already done)
    • Open up a command line window / terminal emulator on your PC
    • Change to the adb directory on your PC
    • Flash OrangeFox Recovery use fastboot flash recovery recovery.img command
    • Reboot in recovery by pressing vol+ + power keys till you will see OrangeFox splash (the keys may be may vary on your device)
    • After OrangeFox has booted up, check that everything is working – eg, that it has mounted the data partition successfully, and that the touchscreen works.
    • Find and select the OrangeFox zip, tap on it, and swipe to install it (because OrangeFox Recovery needs some files from the zip)
    • After installation, the phone will automatically reboot into OrangeFox
    • Enjo

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