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400 bucks in my hand now, looking for a reliable budget laptop or 2-in-1 tablet, any recommendation?

I posted for this several days ago. Thank you guys so much for giving me advices. I was almost about to order that F7 Plus from Teclast...


Today CHUWI just drop a bomb on Kickstarter... A 2-in-1 windows tablet called Ubook, with Core M processor, 8GB ram, and 128GB solid state drive, at the price tag of only $349.99(only for the top500 tho)! They finally get rid of the 4GB ram and crappy eMMC storage and released a device that has almost everything I want at this price. Plus, the storage can be expanded to 1 terabyte, which can be very useful for me to put all my CAD drawing and psd files in it.

So, guys, what should I do? Buy the F7 Plus right now, or wait for another month to get the Ubook from Kickstarter??
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