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Bliss ROM 12.8 | 10 Q
By Taran

Download: XDA ( | Sourceforge (

Changelog: ROM (

- Add top/bottom option for Quick quick setting brightness slider
- FIX the infamous new tint style for same color bug.. new tint style works perfectly now
- Add option to change QS tile label
- Follow Secondary line to QS tile label
- Adapt Screenshot sound to ringer modes
- Lot of changes to network traffic
* units at the bottom like oneplus net traffic
* dynamic icon switching for upload and download
* both upload and download together is unavailable as of now.
* may encounter some tiny bugs here n there it'll be fixed in days to come.
- Long press caffiene tile for infinity
- Fix qs tiles padding for some devices
- Block heads up and other notifications while taking partial screenshot
- Add heads up for music option ( on track change)
- Fix qs quickbar coloums ( remember this depends on dpi, lower the dpi will accomadate more tiles)
- Improve working of screenshot ( READ CAREFULLY )
* Screenshot type is now moved to blissify > buttons
* as the name suggests this controls volume button combo screenshot type. to enable asus longshot , select that
selecting others will disable longshot
* Screenshot QS tile can be used to control all 3 types
also has an additional OFF state,
if u want to use volume button combo set the tile to OFF , or it'll conflict.
* Tile is basically to use something other than vol button, if u have normal screenshot in vol buttons, u can use tile for longshot
* 3 finger screenshot will follow whichever is set by either of the two above cases :)
- Improve qs data usage
* add icon and improve layout
* add option for daily usage and monthly usage
* add the same in cellular tile
- Messaging : fix a bug when attaching images failed
- Etar : dark mode updates , make it more black

* Add the latest translations for settings, blissify and base
namely : czech, portugese, romanian, russian, turkish, viet
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