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Sooooo i know that i've the possibilities to flash-back the stock rom by GooManager, but....if the phone will not start in CM and i've not the possibilities tu use GooManager, and the only recovery that i have is unusable (cause touch)...yes you can say me...use the .app in dload.....yes right but why?? Is not this the job of the recovery?
If I'm honest, I do not know if there is a functional CWM for Huawei Y300, but I think you can recover the TWRP , using "Herramientas Modo Fastboot [SymAnd][V2]" again.

Put the phone in fastboot mode, connect it to pc and in de folder of "Herramientas Modo Fastboot [SymAnd][V2]" run "cambiar_recovery" again

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My recovery must be always a recovery...not only with the stock rom!
This I don´t understand, maybe because my English is not very good, but I,ve tested several custom rom, and TWRP works in all of them.

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