Ver la Versión Completa : ROM ROM Lewa 4.2.2 para AMOI N828

20/12/13, 00:04:13


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Optimization MMS play button
Repair stranger details, the numbers following pages describe the contents of the display are labeled
Save repair phone or SIM card contacts have only the name field, edit the contact name, contact details after saving back interface, the keys on the screen
Repair can not delete a session last message (By small display)

Press the power button to turn off the flashlight when the new lock screen
Optimized UI optimized desktop plug contacts
Aerial repair the remaining traffic is not refreshed, always displays 0 (By jiang18)
Repair restart the phone, the icon does not show the percentage of traffic monitoring
Weather update fixes released 12:00-12:59 noon time, the update time is displayed as 24.xx (By jldfzyh)
Aerial repair enter, press the home button to exit, then immediately slide into the bird's eye to the left, overlooking the interface will automatically exit
Repair desktop folder displayed on the corner marked incomplete (QHD resolution)
Repair application shortcut bar icon disappears after the transfer storage sites (By zhaohaojun)

Common Controls
Click on the optimization portion of the control effects beyond the scope of the control itself (such as flow calibration information interface)
When repairing the cursor in the search input box, the border should be selected for the blue

The status bar
Fix wifi disconnect successor displays the connection status
After the repair add a key lock screen, status bar black (4.0 models)
Repair the drop-down status bar, the status bar through to the desktop (4.0 models)
Repair status bar added time, evening, dusk, early morning, etc. (By the big grunt)

Variety topic
Click to repair the water leaves live wallpaper, live wallpapers will now FC

Download Manager
Repair Download Manager, go to the batch interface, click on the "Select All", then click on "Cancel All", should quit the batch interface

Security Center
Security fixes are not in the top center with a mandate to install applications (such as Baidu input method), after installation into the bird's eye view click Authorization Manager can not enter

Weather seal repair slide into the camera and then left open, gallery FC
Turn on the camera after the repair of the weather seal Gallery error (By Vizr)

Lock screen
English under repair, overlapping lock screen date and week

App Store
Click to read from the repair download management application into details, showing the details of the application of non-current

Repair flashlight switch dislocation (720p, 1080p resolution)