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31/01/12, 02:26:13

* Nombre del programa/juego:

* Versión:v1.0

* Dispositivos compatibles_:Android 2.1 o superior

* Descripción breve: Juego de carreras

* Descripción completa:
Drive an extremely powerfull car on not less than 10 different races!The Best Speed sensation you've ever seen!
You drive an extremely powerfull car on not less than 10 different races!
Be careful! You are not alone and the difficulty increases!
Many Ghost Drivers are on the road.
Don't miss Checkpoints to get Extended Time.
Customize your XCar and try to become the Best Driver!
Your time is recorded for each race.
Share your score online and try to stay in the world ranking!
If you agree, your location is automatically detected to display the flag of your country in the international scores table.
So you can compete with players around the World!
You can see the rankings at any time by clicking on the logo "World High Scores".
★★★ Game Features ★★★
• Incredible Speed sensation
• Great arcade physics
• Huge jumping
• Spectacular SFX
• Customize your XCar
• Realistic sound environment
• Ghost Bonus to increase your speed
• Upload your Score and enter in the World Ranking
• Select the difficulty level
• Use accelerometer or virtual arrows to control your XCar
* Imágenes:

https://lh3.ggpht.com/P2eBAVCNtoFHTkeqXzDR-mm8p2HOteeYnQxU3SQkwTRF9PmZRXCZ8Ti6V9ytWPn7vKN4=h2 30 https://lh4.ggpht.com/ieWxG4aNzMTqPIgw8ZrF8lWxb53YJaGcOBacFuNJ3ynA8Viqmp UIHj7fHu8K3ZpDUYM=h230 https://lh3.ggpht.com/2k40U1uwqgMpLUGnmlb2MjJX9XO1JB8aWQz837pkTWS-m64bJ5eSy8Y6VYt8xthXyg=h230

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31/01/12, 02:55:52
Gracias Javii, me lo bajo en unos minutos!!

walter cadenas
07/02/12, 16:40:51
gracias men por el juego