Ver la Versión Completa : Idea Carta para pedir que desbloqueen el bootloader

25/01/12, 02:48:02
Un usuario de xda developers edito una carta digital para pedir que desbloqueen el bootloader y así poder hacer las custom rooms de esta tablet.

Pilas muchachos firmen también para que nuestra petición se cumpla.

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http://www.change.org/petitions/acer...id=YaTlpFtXWv& (http://www.change.org/petitions/acer-unlock-a100-tablet-bootloader?share_id=YaTlpFtXWv&)

Modeled after the asus transformer prime petition.
Credit to original author Kyle Champney

Dear Acer/Nvidia,

We are owners and prospective owners of the Acer A100 Tablet. However, we were very disappointed to discover that the device's bootloader will only allow packages signed by Acer to be installed, and thus also does not allow us root access to the tablet's operating system.

While we trust that the A100 will be well-supported with official updates, this tablet has the potential to be an excellent platform for development by enthusiasts as well, and we consider the ability to modify the software running on the tablet to be a valuable (or even essential) feature. The current inability of the A100 to accept custom firmware is already dissuading some from buying this tablet, and even causing others to consider returning devices that they have recently bought.

We understand that custom firmware cannot be supported by Acer, but we consider that it is our right to customise our devices in any way we wish: once bought, the A100 is our property alone to modify if we choose. HTC implemented locked bootloaders on their devices last year, but have since seen that giving users this freedom is the right thing to do, and are enabling users to unlock their devices if they so choose. This has been considered very welcome in the Android community, and we hope that Acer will do the same.

Please consider giving us the ability to unlock our tablets. We assure you that fostering a vibrant development community around the will promote sales and establish Acer's reputation in the community as an excellent and receptive supplier of mobile devices.

Yours faithfully,

The Undersigned



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fuente: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1461285

25/01/12, 13:09:07
ya estamos en ello! hay un hilo en la sección roms ya abierto! :P

25/01/12, 18:42:38
De momento, para honeycomb no existen custom roms que yo sepa. (google no lo liberó como el resto de las versiones android)

como mucho, si se libera el bootloader, se podrán instalar versiones anteriores de android en la tablet (super optimizadas, eso sí)

hay que esperar por el ICS y ver si ahí se puede hacer algo.


01/02/12, 23:25:16
Como hay un hilo abierto, traslado éste y lo cierro.

Un saludo a todos..