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29/12/11, 18:22:03

Welcome to ThiaiZ O3D V2.3 GB
I saw that a lot of people out there would like a stock,stable,fast and rooted ROM, so i decided to make one on my own, keeping it as much as stock as possible.This is my first O3D ROM (promised to myself that i would just start developing after GB update, but its comming very soon so it's time) . I'm coming from HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S2 where I have always developed my own ROMs.Be patient and I do really want to help this community to grow and find the best for this incredible peace of engineering called LG Optimus 3D.Suggestions are always welcome.

Here is how it looks:
YOUTUBE video comming soon

Features:V2.3 GB
-Base: V21a official
-Kernel:ThiaiZ Custom Kernel V0.3 OC 1080 version
-Everything from LG is still there. (No Gulliver's book)
-3D converter.
-LG Nitro HD Framework,LG Launcher and SystemUI are optimized for speed and memory.NEW
-LG Nitro HD .apks and widgets.NEW
-Some extra new tweaks for speed and memory.(They are really working)
-ES explorer + HTC IME + WIFI Killer + LG O2X Weather Widget + FM RadioNEW(Just free apps on my ROMs)
-Green Android GB Themed (Bootanimation)
-Original 3D games (Nova,Golf2,Asphalt6) are patched to be installed on SDCARD.
-My Gingerbread theme in it.
-New wallpapers (LG are gone).NEW
-ThiaiZ Smoothness script on boot.NEW
-Small changes on build.prop.NEW
-SDcard booster script"2048kb" reads on boot from Init.d( I think it works better than loading it from boot.img).NEW
-Sony Bravia Engine. NEW

ThiaiZ V0.3 Kernel:
-Init.d scripts reading ability(finally got it to work on GB)NEW.
-OC 1080 modules on boot ability.
-Ram tweaks
-more to come

29/12/11, 18:53:41
Ya la tengo descargada. Esta noche la hago unas pequeñas modificaciones y la instalo.

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