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02/12/11, 15:40:54
Nos llega otro juego mas para nuestro Play

Real Xmas Pinball Simulation from Nena Innovation!
Yet another AMAZING pinball game, with even more accurate physics, greater graphics and fantastic gameplay, this time with a Xmas theme for the holiday spirit!
*** FEATURES ***
- Fun fun fun playfield with ramps, spinners, bumpers, roll overs, locks and of course - Santa!
- Complete the ramps three times to activate Santa.
- When Santa is laughing shoot the ball in his mouth for a lock.
- After three eaten balls they will all be emitted for 30 seconds of unlimited multiball.
- During multiball, try to complete all yellow arrows for Santa Super Bonus!
- Jackpots, End-of-Ball bonus and skillshot!
- Superior HD graphics, automatically adapted for different device capabilities.
- Online hi-scores with live in-game ranking display.
- Landscape and Portrait modes supported, dynamic camera with pinch gesture.
- XPERIA PLAY Optimized
- Tap START to start playing game, or any of the icons for their corresponding setting or information.
- Drag the plunger backwards to charge and release to let ball go.
- Tap anywhere on left side of screen for left flip and anywhere on the right side for right flip.
- Shake device carefully to perform a nudge, but not too much or you will tilt!

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Dec 2, 2011 v1.0

https://lh5.ggpht.com/zdnD2pfr8gU2hcNMiNXfyQ8v27v6zfrrkLj8ieQwlGElXRn5e4 27N-IvvyX8zidQsHNC


04/12/11, 09:46:12
Menos mal que poco a poco,vn sacando juegos de pinball,optimizados,para nuestros xplay´s:pensando:
Con el pinball ride,y este,ya tenemos dos:aplausos:
Gracias y salu2;-)

04/12/11, 18:36:57
para eso estamos °!