Ver la Versión Completa : Super Monkey Ball v1.0

04/06/11, 21:27:50
Requirements: Unlocked WP7
Overview: Tilt, Rock and Roll! Letís roll! Guide a cute little monkey encased in a transparent ball to victory by tilting and rolling him through a variety of slopes and turns. You must navigate a large variety of obstacle courses to reach goal lines within set time limits. Collect as many bananas as you can along the way and youíll be able to increase your remaining lives. Play through five worlds and 110 stages, designed to be fun for both first-time players and long-time Super Monkey Ball fans. Enjoy rich 3D graphicshttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/mag-glass_10x10.gif with an easy-to-master control system that utilizes the accelerometer inside your device. Insanely fun and addicting!



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http://www.zshare.net/download/90340256e1d9078b/ (http://anonym.to/?http://www.zshare.net/download/90340256e1d9078b/)