Ver la Versión Completa : GlurcksVsZhombos v1.0

14/05/11, 08:43:59
Release Date : 2011-01-11
Publisher : choulet
Version :
(Updated : 2011-02-09)
Size : 20.84 Mo
Languages : English
Requirements: Unlocked WP7


Overview: Zhombos have one more time attacked one of the Glurcks station. It is time to react. Glurcks decide to declare war. Your spaceship is now ready to leave. Zhombos spaceships are waiting for you and they are more than 1000. But you have have a special spaceship like one of the most famous member of the Pirates’ Guild with a Psycho-gun in his arm. Zhombos base is like a tremendous sphere. If you manage to get inside you will have to fight the imperial guard. But the next step is certainly the more dangerous. You will have to cross the death corridor. Each element touched will kill you. Then the fire ball, they are aound you, they bounce on everything and have one mission : kill you. And what about the personal guard of the Zhombos emperor. It has never been defeated…

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