Ver la Versión Completa : World Of War v1.0

21/04/11, 14:54:15
Requirements: Unlocked WP7
Overview: Strategy with random The game is roundbased. You start with several countries and different troops inside these countries. You can attack as long as you want and then end your turn and let the computers play. As long as they attack you have to hope for the best. Always at the end of the turn every player gets as much support as he has adjacent countries. With a country you can attack if you have a troop stronger than 1. The fights are based on random. If you attack with a troop 4, then you throw 4 dices. If you get the higher dice than the enemy you take over the attacked country. Although it seems that the winner of the game is chosen by random there are several strategies to increase the chance of winning considerably. Think about taking a RISKů


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