Ver la Versión Completa : Own This World v1.4

21/04/11, 14:52:17
Requirements: Unlocked WP7
Overview: Real Life Meets RISK Often described as “Real life meets RISK”. Battle for your own neighbourhood as you nuke, blitz and propaganda your way to ruling your city, continent and even the world! Own This World is a massively multiplayer location dependent game where the real world map has been split into millions of territories that you compete for with players that are also physically in the same area. Your rank in the world climbs as you claim territories. If you have the most you are crowned the ruler of the World. Owning territories allows you to accumulate resources (gold, manpower, food & supplies) which in turn allows you to attack other users in your current territory. View the state of the world at http://www.ownthisworld.com (http://anonym.to/?http://www.ownthisworld.com)


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http://solidfiles.com/d/f3971/ (http://anonym.to/?http://solidfiles.com/d/f3971/)