Ver la Versión Completa : Akimbo Audiobook Player v1.1.6

18/04/11, 12:11:04
Akimbo Audiobook Player v1.1.6
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Akimbo player is the most comprehensive audio book player in the market.
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It is specifically tailored for audio book formats and comes equipped with various features such as: identify chapters and covers in all types of books; remember the last location and volume in each of your audio books; allow numerous ways to change your position (from configurable step button to a “go to any position” dialog), and more…
Furthermore, for easy listening to your audiobook without looking at the screen (while engaged in some other action or for the visually impaired) it offers a range of accessibility features (including human voice indications) as well as an option to lock the player against accidental changes.
The player is highly recommended not just for audiobooks, but for any episodic format, such as music albums or podcasts.

Notable features:
•Supports all the major audio book and other audio formats: M4A, M4B (including iPod chaptered books), MP4, MP3, ogg vorbis, WMA and FLAC (WMA and FLAC may require additional installation for your device).
•Remembers your last position and last set volume level for each book.
•Configurable step buttons for quick shifts forwards or backwards.
•Easy to use “go to” dialog that will take you instantly to any chapter or position throughout the book.
•Home Screen Widget
•Support headset control (beta)
•Reads cover images and chapter information from within audio book files.
•Allows a one-click automatic download of covers for any book, or for your entire library at once (this does not depend on painstakingly accurate ID3, and only requires your book’s title and author).
•Offers a configurable “lock” mode, which prevents accidental changes of position during play.
•Sleep Timer, pausing play after a specified time.
•Loads your entire library at once: offers a one-click scan of any folder tree on your device.
•Books are kept in a library, allowing you to easily manage them (and even merge books). The library can be filtered or sorted according to your chosen criteria (for example, by duration, title, or by last played book).
•The player screen offers a host of accessibility and experience improving features, including large-font and human voice indication (and approval) for your actions.
•Allows undoing and redoing any accidental change in position while listening.

What's in this version:
-Support any additional formats playable by the device.
-Allow controlling the audio stream (music or voice).
-Smaller in-app resources (help images and audio files).
-Headset controls obey app lock (against accidental changes).
-Minor bugs/resource leaks fixed