Ver la Versión Completa : The Revenants Corridor of Souls v1.1

13/03/11, 15:05:31
Requirements: unlocked WP7
Overview: Experience the Paranormal The Revenants is a top down, touch-based action puzzle game created by Chaotic Moon Studios. The game follows a newly formed spirit as it struggles to survive in the haunted catacombs of a dark afterlife. To survive, you must capture and feed on other ghosts before they destroy you! Your goal is to absorb their energy and transform your character from a weak, insignificant spirit to a powerful Revenant ghost-god. During gameplay, you use simple finger tracing to create whirling vortices that consume the dangerous creatures encountered while exploring the dark corridors. But be warned! The other ghosts have unique and terrifying powers. You must observe each opponent and experiment with different tactics in order to prevail. In the end, you will need to have mastered both movement and strategy, if you are to walk the path from lonely spirit to Revenant god, and escape the haunted prison where you awoke.


descarga (http://rapidshare.com/#%21download%7C372l32%7C443289136%7CThe_Revenants_-_Corridor_of_Souls___.xap%7C13096)