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15/02/11, 10:56:42
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Bien mi motivación para abrir el tema es para dar explicar porque no funciona y por que puede funcionar el cable microusb hdmi.

Gracias a Torino10 que ha diseccionado su cable y a zulu99 que ha mirado las diferencias en el código abierto entre la tab y el galaxy S.

El galaxy S es bien capaz de sacar hdmi por el microUSB usando el protocolo MHL, el cable microUSB hacia HDMI de samsung(una reliquia cara) tiene este chip SiI9292 MHL™-to-HDMI Bridge (http://www.siliconimage.com/products/product.aspx?pid=168)

Torino10 : "This chips writing is: Silicon Image, SiI92900CLU, Q64024.4.04, 0844, AD00KD2"


¿Porque aún así el cable no funciona? Porque en el kernel no esta compilado, como si lo esta en la galaxy tab.
¿Que habría que hacer para hacerlo funcionar? Compilar en el kernel la función MHL para habilitar la salida hdmi a través del microusb MHD_SiI9234.c


Alguien que tenga el cable y alguien que compile el kernel con la función y nos diga si funciona? Alguien capaz de fabricar ese cable?

En resumen, que el cable por si solo no irá, hace falta que el kernel tenga compilada esta función.
Así que hasta que se confirme que con los drivers adecuados compilados funciona, el cable de 50€ es inútil.

15/02/11, 12:55:50
pero alguna persona en el mundo incluidos en xda ha conseguido sacar hdmi por el usb?

15/02/11, 17:37:59
Seguire este tema con mucha atencion :ok:

Imagino que la ventaja respecto a la salida rca actual, seria conseguir calidad 720/1080p en vez de los 576p actuales de la rca ¿no?.

un saludo

15/02/11, 18:16:04
Seguire este tema con mucha atencion :ok:

Imagino que la ventaja respecto a la salida rca actual, seria conseguir calidad 720/1080p en vez de los 576p actuales de la rca ¿no?.

un saludo

En teoria el tope es esto:

Digital Audio/Video Output
• Integrated TMDS core
• HDMI output
• HDMI output resolution support - from 25 MHz – 75MHz, up to 1080p@ 24/30 Hz

Digital Audio/Video Input
• Integrated TMDS core
• MHL input
• MHL input resolution support - from 25 MHz – 75MHz, up to 1080p@ 24/30 Hz

Single-Wire Control Bus

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) & DDC
• Support for DDC and CEC signals

System Operation
• Optional software control for smart cable/dongle applications via 1 MHz local I2C bus
• Flexible interrupt registers and an interrupt pin

Power Management
• 1.2 V and 3.3 V rails for low-power operation
• Flexible power-down modes Available Packages
• 40-pin QFN
• 6 mm x 6 mm footprint

Operating Range

30fps a 1080p si puede(creo que si) el hummingbird con la SGX540 al igual que en la Galaxy Tab

SAMSUNG Opens the Door to PC-Level Performance on Mobile Devices with 1GHz Low-power Application Processors
Taipei, Taiwan on Sep 22, 2009
Taipei, Taiwan - September 22, 2009 : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, today introduced two new 1GHz ARM® CORTEX™-A8 based application processors, the S5PC110 and S5PV210, for advanced mobile devices at the sixth annual Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum held at the Westin Taipei Hotel. The S5PC110 is targeted for small form-factor connected devices such as multimedia intensive smartphones, while the S5PV210 is aimed at portable computing devices such as netbooks that demand high performance and design flexibility.

"More and more, user generated contents currently accessed via the PC will be spread to mobile devices," said Dr. Kwang Hyun Kim, senior vice president, strategic marketing team, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. "PC-level performance with lower power consumption will become mainstream requirements for advanced mobile devices. Samsung developed S5PC110 and S5PV210 application processors to satisfy these conflicting requirements to enable a new level of user experience not previously possible."

Both the S5PC110 and S5PV210 ensure longer battery life for mobile devices running on standard size batteries through a variety of low power technologies, including the use of a 45-nanometer (nm) Low Power fabrication process and intricate low power architectures. Each of these application processors comes with 32KB data and 32KB instruction caches, and is equipped with a 512KB L2 cache. With the 1GHz clock speed and large size L2 cache, these processors enable real-time applications such as web browsing and user interface (UI) to run smoothly with a fast response time.

High speed 3D graphics rendering and high resolution video support are two key differentiating features for advanced mobile devices. Both the S5PC110 and S5PV210 are equipped with a powerful built-in POWERVR SGX 3D graphics engine, licensed from Imagination Technologies, to support sophisticated 3D UI and high-caliber games. In addition, the two processors integrate a1080p full HD codec engine that supports 30fps full HD video playback and recording. A built-in HDMI1.3 interface allows output of captured or downloaded mobile multimedia contents to an external high definition digital display.

These two new application processors also feature a wide variety of interfaces and peripherals to maximize design flexibility and reduce system BOM cost of targeted mobile devices. In particular, a high speed USB 2.0 host interface is integrated for hosting various USB peripheral devices.

Targeted for small form factor mobile devices, the S5PC110 is housed in a 0.5mm pitch, 14X14mm2 FBGA package that allows package-on-package vertical stacking of low power, multiple chip package (MCP) memory such as OneDRAM™, mobile DDR and LP DDR2, greatly reducing the overall foot print of the memory and processor combo.

Designed for portable computing applications, the S5PV210 is packaged in a 0.65mm pitch, 17X17mm2 FBGA package with a high performance 2-channel 32-bit DDR2 memory interface that is essential for computing devices.

Customer samples of both products will be available in December, 2009.

24/02/11, 19:33:28
Hoy he desmenuzado el dock hdmi de la galaxy tab, resultado: Mismo chip que el cable microusb hdmi del galaxy tab:


20/01/12, 14:27:45
La verdard es que me parece muy interesante, si esto funcionara, no tendriamos nada que envidiarle al s2. (salida HDMI + conectar mando ps3 por bluetooth = consola portatil :grin:)
Porque la salida del auricular deja mucho que desear...