Ver la Versión Completa : kX10 Custom SE ROM High performance

16/01/11, 18:18:31
La verdad es mejor la beta 2 del froyo, pero si insisten en 2.1 esta es buena.

Encontre esta Rom en XDA echenle un vistaso:


Disclaimer: Please be aware that any time you flash a custom ROM, you are modifying system files that are required for your phone to operate correctly. Use this (and any other) ROM at your own risk. I am not responsible for bricking your phone, voiding your warrenty, or male pattern baldness. Thanks.

This is a modified and optimized version of the stock 2.1 Generic 2.0.2.A.0.24 Sony-Ericsson ROM. This is intended to give everyone dev-level performance out of the box, and give themers and modders a base ROM to start with.

You need to be running a 2.1 2.0.2.A.0.24 ROM already BEFORE flashing this ROM. If you aren't, see this thread first: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=885956

PLEASE MAKE REQUESTS. I want this to be the ROM SE should have made.


*Note that you cannot TYPE Emoji with this ROM, it only displays Emoji sent from an iPhone.

A huge thanks to:
zdzihu for xRecovery, JIT enabler v2, and rooting the Generic 2.0.2.A.0.24 firmware; and
MrRusch for framework-res work
svtfmook for help with system apps

2.1 Generic Firmware (2.0.2.A.024), Rooted with xRecovery, JIT v2, SuperUser, and busybox installed;
SuperCircle Battery / Reboot option mod;
Nexus S boot animation;
Ubuntu system fonts with Emoji support (display only)
All APKs zipaligned / All non-essential system APKs moved to /data/app for easy uninstall and apps2sd support
build.prop Modifications
windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=220 - Makes scrolling smoother
wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=180 - Slows down the WiFi scan to every 3 minutes, saves battery
dalvik.vm.heapsize=26m - Optimal heapsize for most X10s
mot.proximity.delay=150 - Makes the screen off/on proximity sensor more responsive
Timescape, Playnow, CrashSMS, Backup and Restore, Chinese / Japanese / Korean IMEs, EManual / userguide, Moxiermail, SE PC Companion, SEMCHomeL, WisePiolot, Quadrapop, OMAClientProvisioning, qcsemcservice, SemcCheckin, SnsContactImageCacheProvider, uWlopProvider

Pre-Installed APKs
*** I know this is a lot of apps, but these have all been zipaligned. If you use these apps, they will perform better than market versions. If not, delete them! **

LauncherPro, adbWireless, Adobe Reader, AndroZIP, Angry Birds, AppBrain, Barcode Scanner, Barnacle WiFi Tether, Battery Doctor, CamScanner, City Caller ID, Dialer One, Documents to Go, Dolphin Browser, drocap2, Dropbox, Facebook, Gallery3D, Google Goggles, Google Sky Map, Handcent, K-9 Mail, LinkPush, Linpack for Android, Neocore, No Lock, OI File Manager, Pandora, Quadrant Standard, Rage Faces, RWiimote, Shazam, ShootMe, Smart Keyboard Trial, SMS Backup+, Spare Parts, Stumble Upon, SwiFTP, Terminal Emulator, Titanium Backup, Video Player, Vlingo, Voice, Voice Dialer, Voice Search, Wallpaper Set & Save, WiFi Browser Login, Winamp, Work Email, XDA Developers App, Yelp, Zedge

Be on a rooted 2.1 2.0.2.A.0.24 ROM
Download ROM and place on your SD card
Boot into xRecovery
Do a factory reset (full wipe) and wipe Dalvik cache
Flash the attached file with xRecovery by using "Install custom zip"
Reboot and be patient. First boot can take several minutes at the boot animation. This is normal.
Check out this link after installation for tips on LauncherPro: http://androinica.com/2010/08/23/11-...f-launcherpro/
I recommend at least changing the opening Speeds to 10 (Prefrences > Advanced Settings > Opening speed). That makes the phone feel a lot more responsive.

Change Log

Release 1 Build 009 (Current)
- Added TrackID and Soundhound
- Updated Zedge

Full Change Log: http://inniscope.com/android/changelog.txt

Future Plans
- More optimization
- LauncherPro and SpareParts pre-configured
- app2sd version

R1B009 Full - 194.42MB - http://www.multiupload.com/P6ZYGN6AO3
R1B008 Lite - 116.42MB - http://www.multiupload.com/FF9U7NOJED - No 3rd Party APKs

Zipaligned APK Pack v3 - 120.30MB - http://www.multiupload.com/D1XYNGMECJ - All the APKs from R1B009 Full - NOT flashable

16/01/11, 19:08:02
bueno, es practicamente igual que la eminence pero con las apps ya cargadas... no??
alguien la ha cargado??

16/01/11, 19:40:06
los que tenemos el Jit v2 podemos ponerla?

16/01/11, 22:36:43
bueno, es practicamente igual que la eminence pero con las apps ya cargadas... no??
alguien la ha cargado??
yo no la he provado, pero por lo que he leido esta es mas rapida, y las apps son optimizadas para que utilicen menos ram.

los que tenemos el Jit v2 podemos ponerla?
no entiendo bn tu pregunta, es una rom limpia desde cero + optimizaciones (como el Jit), con todas las cosas basicas.

16/01/11, 23:57:05
no entiendo bn tu pregunta, es una rom limpia desde cero + optimizaciones (como el Jit), con todas las cosas basicas.

osea, si la instalo es como si empezar de cero pero por lo visto optimiza mejor el terminal y en el quadrant da mejor resultado es asi? gracias

18/01/11, 21:24:02
bueno, me acabo de poner esta ROM (la primera que me pongo pero es la que mas me llamaba la atencion) y de momento puedo decir que muuuuuuy suave y fluida (me he instalado la Lite sin aplicaciones extra). ahora instalar yo mis cosicas aparte :P

19/01/11, 15:27:10
Anda excelente.... pero al querer abrir la galería 3d.... se me reinicia

19/01/11, 19:51:42
Anda excelente.... pero al querer abrir la galería 3d.... se me reinicia

cual has puesto la full o la lite??? porque a mi no me pasa eso...hiciste todos los pasos??

20/01/11, 01:11:49
puse la lite, encontré el problema... al sacarle el launcher pro deja de funcionar la galería 3d