Ver la Versión Completa : Calibrado huella

11/07/20, 03:09:37
- digit in call phone code:
*#9959# (dont allow data memory and clear data in system app In-Display FingerPrint)
- uncheck performance checkbox , check only calibration checkbox
- 4 step for calibration
1. Press start and dont to do nothing
2.Press next and by lattice glove press on circle
3.Press next and dont to do nothing ( the display became black for black calibration)
4.Press next and by thumb finger almost in vertical position press on circle(keep the thumb well pressed the initial part of the finger and slightly raised on the knuckle must be vertical in the straight direction not horizontally or slightly)
If you are lucky see success alert in green color
In system app in setting In-Display-Fingerprint allow access data memory and reboot device .
Enjoy again your Finger Print!
P.S. = doing this procedure in a place in total darkness, there must be only the light of the display