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05/04/19, 23:51:42
OmniROM: wihtout limits. More AOSP, more Google!
https://img.xda-cdn.com/QvXnQTME2-6VCs9LCodpMSNqQFU=/https%3A%2F%2Fimg.xda-cdn.com%2FeOD8j8XaE9d-Kdn0nRufkxl5WZs%3D%2Fhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.androi dsis.com%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2013%252F10%252FOm.jpg

What is OmniROM? (https://www.omnirom.org/) | OmniROM Source (https://github.com/omnirom) | OmniROM Gerrit Review (https://gerrit.omnirom.org/) | OmniROM G+ (https://plus.google.com/communities/102450203113748251717)

#include <std_disclaimer.h> /* Your warranty is now void .. bla-bla-bla... other non-informative text */
OmniROM 9.0 PIE


OFFICIAL WEEKLY BUILDS: https://dl.omnirom.org/chiron/ (Warning: Mirgration HOMEMADE<->OFFICIAL need wipe data!)
OmniROM nightly unofficial builds: http://dl.nixadm.ru/omni-9-chiron/
Open Gapps (http://opengapps.org/) (ARM64, 9.0, variant - what you wish, i use mini)
TWRP for 9.0 can be found here (https://drive.google.com/open?id=17INFJreIqqR3M02Jb4NjM6Xtr9jiyBIu) by Vol Zhdanov from 09/27.
Firmware: Firmware versions > 8.10.20 and ≤ 8.4.19 are NOT recommended for now
Magisk (Root) (if u need it) can be found here (https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/official-magisk-v7-universal-systemless-t3473445). Note: install magisk only after reboot to rom!

Instructions :

Download TWRP, Firmware, ROM, GApps and Magisk
Reboot to recovery and install new twrp, and firmware
Wipe is recomended (especially when migrate from oreo): system, vendor, data. Format Internal storage doesnot need, but you came from MIUI it may be necessarily
Flash ROM and GApps
Reboot to ROM and finish setup
Reboot to recovery and flash Magisk if you need it. Note, you must boot to rom first before flash Magisk. Dont flash it with ROM at once!

Known issues:

Test and find https://forum.xda-cdn.com/images/smilies/wink.gif


@andr68rus (https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7884203) (me) - maintainer
@Wight554 - Kernel, Pie bringup and many more.
Omnirom Team
Sorry if i forget to mention anyone, just drop me pm


Source: https://github.com/omnirom/


@Wight554 For Pie bringup
@demon000 and Mike for huge work on our device (and all LineageOS Team).
Arian, Andy Yan
Verevka, SheVT and thune-xiaobai for their work on Mi6

Fuente: https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-mix-2/development/rom-omnirom-8-1-t3758057