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FAQ Amazfit Verge

Manual Oficial en Español en formato PDF (https://mega.nz/#!dgIXVKRS!k5AYUa41joIyjfhUBaJPzElDbn5XGkjdu8iNpY9 QEWE)

Sacado y traducido (del Chino) del foro oficial de huami: http://bbs.huami.com/thread-23882-1-1.html

Algunas características sólo estarán disponibles para China.

Amazfit smart watch product parameters


1. What account is used for Amazfit smart watch software?
Xiaomi account, WeChat account.
Note: If you are logging in to the Amazfit Watch app for the first time, you need to register first, and log in after successful registration.

2 , iPhone click on the watch APP prompts "No network, please check the network and try again"
Users of the iOS10.0 system version can open the phone settings ➡ cellular mobile network ➡ use WLAN and cellular data ➡ Amazfit watch APP ➡ open "wireless LAN and cellular mobile data", re-open Amazfit watch APP, the phone will pop up whether to allow Use the network reminder and click Allow.

3 , APP login prompt login error
There are two ways to log in to the watch. If one of the accounts can log in successfully, you can log in and provide feedback on the mobile app. If neither method works, you can log in to the Xiaomi account and click “Question Feedback”. After the feedback is successful, provide the login. The failed Xiaomi account and the point in time when the feedback was successful helped us locate the problem.


Note: The provided Xiaomi account cannot be the mobile phone number. If you don't know the Xiaomi account, you can log in to Xiaomi's official website and click on “Personal Center”. You can find Xiaomi id in the personal center.

4 , how to bind the watch?
Search and install "Amazfit Smart Watch APP" in major application markets;
Take out the Amazfit smart watch, press and hold the right button for about six seconds, the display of the watch will light up and enter the power-on state. After the watch starts successfully, it will stay in the QR code interface;
Click the watch app downloaded on your mobile phone, use the Xiaomi account or WeChat account to log in. After logging in, click “Start Binding” and follow the instructions on the phone.
Remarks: The Android version of the app has a domestic and overseas version. The iOS domestic and overseas versions are all an app. The login method is changed by switching the time zone, region, and language.

5, binding prompt "watch Bluetooth is not turned on, please open the watch Bluetooth"
Restart the watch and mobile phone, re-bind after five minutes. When scanning the code, click the screen with your finger to make sure the watch is on the bright screen. If the scan is bound, the message “Bluetooth is not turned on, please turn on the watch Bluetooth”, please send the watch. Back to Huami Technology after-sales analysis.

6. When the scan code is bound, the scan box is completely black and cannot be scanned.
Go to the mobile app permissions management to open the camera permission of the Amazfit watch app, and try to uninstall the reload app.
Android : Phone Settings - Application Management - Application Permissions ➡ Amazfit Watch ➡ Photo and Video Access Open;
iOS : Phone settings ➡ to the bottom to find Amazfit Watch APP ➡ Camera permissions open.

7, the binding failed
1. First of all, to confirm the binding method, the correct method is to select the bound watch item in the Amazfit Watch APP-My-Bind New Watch and then perform the scan code binding;
2. When Android is bound, be sure to click on the pairing code in the phone and watch, and click on the drop-down notification bar;
3. When the iOS binding fails, the user can ignore all the pairing relationships in the phone settings ➡ Bluetooth, and then restart the phone watch to re-bind.

If the above solution still can't be solved, please upload feedback and provide id to help us locate the problem.

Ignore the pairing method on iOS phones : Phone - Settings - Bluetooth Find the name of the exclamation point in my device, click the exclamation point and click "Ignore this device".


Feedback method : Amazfit watch APP ➡ my ➡ settings ➡ feedback, after the feedback is successful, the id below the APP avatar is provided.

The QR code interface watch provides feedback method : the finger long presses the QR code of the watch for about 15 seconds, and the watch will generate a feedback prompt. After the generation, the watch will be connected with the computer and then the system folder will be copied. send.

8, the same account can be bound to several watches
The same account can help three watches, but can not be attached to the same model.

9, how to switch the bound watch
Open the ""Amazfit Watch" app ➡ My ➡ My Watch ➡ Set to activate the device, click Set to activate the device.

10, click on the APP to untie the watch does not appear QR code
When the mobile phone and the watch are disconnected, the two-dimensional code will not appear in the untie. In this case, you can restore the factory operation by setting the device in the watch.

11 How to change the phone binding
1. New mobile phone download Amazfit watch APP login account that originally bound the watch, and then refresh the pairing success (this account migration is only for the same series of systems, iOS must be in the original ; be ignored paired phone and then sign a new phone refresh pair)
2. If you forget the original account number or password, you can watch at the interface after sliding device ➡ ➡ ➡ restore factory settings ➡ sure to clear bindings, such as watches appear two-dimensional code , according to the scan code binding method binding.

12. Amazfit smart watch screen and touch screen parameters?
Display : A 1.3-inch circular AMOLED screen used in Amazfit smart watches with a screen resolution of 360*360;
Touch screen : The touch screen adopts Corning Gorilla 3rd generation glass , which can effectively resist the scratching in daily life. It should be noted that hard objects such as sand (quartz component) or key in life may damage the mirror glass. The glass surface AF coating can effectively prevent the ugly fingerprint oil on the surface and keep the screen of the mobile phone smooth and clean.
AF coating : The English name of anti-fingerprint coating is called AntiFinger Coating, referred to as AF. It includes the oleophobic layer, hydrophobic layer and anti-fouling coating on the screen of daily smartphone, so that the screen of the mobile phone is not easy to be contaminated with fingerprint oil, etc. Slip and clean.

13, how to charge Amazfit smart watch
1. Take out the charging base, the copper column head on the charging stand is aligned with the stainless steel contact on the watch, and the pressing is tight to ensure that the base is in tight contact with no obvious gap:
2. Connect the USB interface on the other end of the cradle to a mobile phone charger with a voltage of DC 5.0V and an output current of 500mA or more (recommended to use the brand mobile phone charging head for charging) or connect to a computer for charging.


14, Amazfit smart watch battery capacity, charging time, battery life
The Amazfit smart watch is equipped with a 390mAh lithium polymer battery; it takes about two and a half hours to fully charge; it can last for about 5 days under normal use. In the laboratory test environment, the Bluetooth listening song is not connected and the heart rate belt can be used continuously for about 30 hours.
Condition : Use the factory default settings to connect your phone to Bluetooth. Receive 150 messages per day, raise the wrist display time 30 times, NFC swipe 4 times, and other operations for 5 minutes. Run every two days for 30 minutes each time. In actual use, battery life is related to various factors such as setting, operation and use environment, and may differ from laboratory data.

15, how to do if the watch is not fully charged
Try replacing the charging head, or use the computer's USB interface to charge, if it is still not full, send it back for testing.

16, the watch is fully charged, only 99% of the power is normal after booting?
Normally, the boot itself is relatively power hungry.

17. Can I use the charging head of 5V 1A/2A/3A or even 4A/5A current to charge the watch?
Can be charged. The charging current of the watch is dynamically adjusted by the charging management circuit of the watch main board according to the condition of the battery, instead of the charging current of the charger. When the output voltage of the charger is in accordance with the charged voltage, the output current can be greater than the original charger.

18. Can I use the mobile phone fast charging head to charge the watch?
As long as there is a 5V standard in the output, it can be charged.
Remarks : The basis of fast charge implementation is to have a matching charging protocol. There is no matching fast charging protocol between the charging head and the watch, so the charging head will charge the watch with 5V output.


19, Amazfit smart watch consumes fast power
Watch the normal duration is five days or so , the watch is the most power-hungry screen display, vibrate and heart rate detection , excessive alert message, GPS time is longer, a long time songs, day heart rate detection is turned on, the operation frequently watches and many more.

If the above operation is rare, you can fully charge the watch, turn on the watch's flight mode, and cancel the alarm clock in the watch. Leave it on the table for 24 hours. When you are still standing, don't just pick up the watch to wake up and view the operation. If the power is more than 10%, please upload the feedback in the watch settings and provide the date and time point for the power consumption under the ID to conveniently locate the problem.

Feedback method in the watch: the watch system interface slides down more settings (gear) ➡ feedback.

20, Amazfit smart watch can not boot
Under normal circumstances, press and hold the button on the right side of the watch for about 6 seconds to start. If you don't turn it on, try to try the following methods. First, charge the watch for 15 minutes or more. Exclude the watch may run out of power and cause it to fail to boot normally.
1. If you can charge normally, long press the button can not be turned on, you can send it back to the analysis;
2. Long press the button If the watch is blue screen and then the screen is again, you can check whether the watch and the base are pressed tightly in the middle, resulting in poor contact and no charging problem;
3. It is not possible to charge or boot. It is recommended that you send it back to the analysis.

21, Amazfit smart watch can not be charged
When charging normally, the watch display will show the charging interface.
1. When charging, please check if the raised copper column of the lower base is in contact with the copper contact point on the Amazfit smart watch. Preventing the copper bumps on the base and the copper contact points on the watch from connecting can result in an inability to charge.
2. Confirm that the charging end of the Amazfit smart watch is powered. It is recommended to use the USB charging of the computer or the charging head of the brand mobile phone for charging. The rated input voltage of the charging head of the mobile phone must be DC 5.0v, and the input current is more than 500mA .
3. Check if there is any dirt or rust on the contact points of the charging copper column or copper column. If there is, please clean it to meet the light and not see the dirt.
4. Press the base to ensure that the base and the watch are in tight contact;
5. If the above method does not work, you can try to replace the charging stand, USB charging cable, try the charging head
All of the above methods have been tried. If it still cannot be charged properly , please send the watch back to the market for testing.

22. Can Amazfit smart watches be charged with mobile power?
Yes. Users are advised to use the brand's mobile power charging device with a charging voltage of DC 5.0V.
Remarks: The mobile power supply may not be fully charged. Most mobile power supplies on the market have a full power auto-shutdown function. When the mobile phone is almost full, the mobile phone access current will become very small. The charging will be turned off. When the current is small enough when the watch is almost fully charged, the mobile power supply will be mistaken for the current to be disconnected.

23. What is the working temperature of the watch?
0-40 degrees.
Lithium battery knowledge: Conventional lithium battery operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C, but generally lower than 0 ° C lithium battery performance will be reduced, discharge capacity will be correspondingly reduced, so lithium battery performance full operating temperature, common It is 0~40°C.

24. Can a watch with a minus 40 degree be used?
It is ok to wear it all the time. The temperature of the human body is kept at 37 degrees. The watch is always worn on the hand and the temperature of the watch is blocked by the human body. The temperature of the watch is usually less than zero, which does not affect the normal use of the watch. If it is taken down and placed in an environment where the temperature is minus 40 degrees, it is recommended that the watch should not be turned on to prevent permanent damage caused by the low temperature watch.

25. Is the Amazfit smart watch waterproof?
The waterproof rating of Amazfit smart watch is IP68, which can guarantee the waterproof in daily life, such as washing hands, liquid splashing during washing and short-term immersion. Swimming and bathing and sauna hot springs can't wear watches.
The IP rating is the degree of protection against foreign matter intrusion in the electrical equipment casing. I is dustproof, P is waterproof, and the watch is 6 dustproof and waterproof.

26, why the level of the watch is IP68, the highest level of dustproof and waterproof is 啥 still can not wear a bath?
The dustproof and waterproof rating of the Amazfit smart watch is certified by SGS. “IP6X” means that the device can completely prevent dust from entering, and “IPX8” means that it can be immersed for a long time under a certain pressure without damaging the device. The temperature difference before and after the bath will cause the thermal expansion and contraction of the rubber ring of the watch. In the long run, the rubber ring on the watch may have a gap, which will change the waterproof level of the watch. In addition, the bathing products will be inevitable during the bathing process. Accelerate the aging of the watch apron and shorten the life of the watch.

The pressure generated by frequent arm swings during swimming is high, and it is likely that water will enter due to excessive pressure.

In addition, the watch should not be exposed to soapy shower gel and some organic solvents. After these liquid objects are stuck, the appearance of the watch may be discolored and abnormal.

27. Upload feedback method
Feedback from APP : Amazfit Watch APP ➡ My ➡ Settings ➡ Feedback;


Feedback in the watch: the watch system interface slides down more settings (nut-like icons) ➡ feedback.


28. What is the flight mode?
When the flight mode is turned on, the Bluetooth of the watch will be turned off. After the watch is turned on, the watch and the mobile phone cannot be connected, and Alipay cannot be used. The GPS running positioning does not affect.
Setting method:
Method 1: The watch system interface slides down. The aircraft icon in the lower left corner ➡ clicks on the airplane icon (the background color of the icon shows white) is turned on;


Method 2: Watch more settings ➡ General ➡ Flight Mode / Auto Flight (set the time to open flight mode).

29, how to modify the watch time system settings
More settings for the watch ➡ Universal ➡ 12/24 time system.

30, how to open the do not disturb mode and automatic do not disturb settings
After the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, the watch's incoming call and APP notification will not vibrate.
Setting method:
Method 1: The watch system interface pulls down the left moon icon ➡ clicks the next moon icon (the icon background color shows white) then it is turned on.
Method 2: Watch more settings ➡ General ➡ Do not disturb mode / Automatic Do not disturb.

31, watch vibration intensity adjustment
Watch more settings ➡ Notification ➡ Vibration Strength ➡ Off / Weak / Medium / Strong.
The "off" in the vibration intensity refers to the vibration function of turning off the watch.

32, the watch can not shake how to do
First check if the vibration mode is turned off. If you can't try to set more alarms, wait for the alarm time to see if the watch is the interface that displays the alarm, but the watch does not vibrate. If it is still abnormal, please send the watch. Go back to the analysis.

33, how to adjust the brightness of the watch
More settings for the watch ➡ Universal ➡ Backlight ➡ Auto / Brightness adjustment.


34, how to open the double-click screen to unlock
When the watch is locked, the finger is continuously clicked twice in the center of the watch screen, and the watch will be unlocked. Double-click to unlock and press the button to unlock the function.
Setting method: watch more settings ➡ use preference ➡ double-click the lock screen to unlock.

35, double-click the screen can not unlock
Tap the watch screen twice in succession. The time interval for clicking the screen should be short and the number must be twice; click the same position on the screen. If the above method still can't be solved, you can take a double-click to unlock the operation screen to help us quickly locate the problem.

36, wearing habits settings
The wearing habit is mainly to set the wearing method of wearing the left and right hands.
Setting method: watch settings ➡ preference ➡ wearing habits ➡ left / right.

37, Amazfit smart watch can not be connected after binding
1. Make sure the Amazfit smart watch has electricity and is above 10%; the flight mode of the watch must be turned off;
2. Android can end the process of the APP, restart the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, restart the mobile phone watch to reopen the APP to refresh the connection attempt; the iOS mobile phone binding can ignore the pairing relationship to restart the mobile phone watch, or can be unbundled and re-bound;
If the above operation still does not work, please upload the feedback of the APP and the feedback of the watch and provide an id to help us locate the problem.

38, watches and mobile phones are often disconnected
If it is bound by an Android phone, you can set the background of the Amazfit watch;
iOS can ignore the pairing relationship and restart the mobile phone watch. Try self-test. Self-test can upload the feedback of mobile phone and watch and provide id to help us locate the problem.

39, watch notice does not remind how to do
1.Amazfit watch APP-My-Settings-Notification Settings-App Notification Settings--Apps that need to be reminded must be checked;
2. Turn off "The phone does not push the screen" in the notification settings;
3. The do not disturb mode of the watch must be turned off;
4. Make sure that the application notification pops up in the notification bar of the mobile phone (if WeChat and QQ are logged in on the computer, WeChat can click “Mute on this machine” in Windows Wechat login to recover the notification);
5. Add the Amazfit watch app to the self-starting and background locks (the background settings in the bottom are self-starting and background lock related settings);
6. In the mobile APP, ➡ more settings ➡ system permissions ➡ notification read permission, click to go to the Amazfit watch, if it is already checked, you can turn it off and then re-tick, then restart the phone to open the APP in the connection If you look at it, will you be reminded?

iOS :
1. The watch do not disturb mode must be turned off;
2. Make sure that the application notification pops up in the notification bar of the mobile phone;
3. Mobile phone settings - notification - corresponding APP (WeChat, or software such as QQ) - Click to enter all the switches, especially "display in history" must be turned on;
4.Amazfit Watch APP-My-Settings-Notification Settings-Apps that need to be reminded in the application notification settings must be checked. If there is no APP option, you can let the user restart the mobile phone watch, and wait for the watch to have a message, and then proceed again. Check it.

If you can't solve the notification problem by following the above methods, please upload feedback and provide ID to help us locate the problem.

40, common mobile phone background setting method:
Millet phone background settings :
1. Self-starting: Mobile Security Center ➡ Application Management ➡ Permissions 启动 Self-starting management 勾 Check Amazfit watches;
2. Security Center ➡ Power ➡ Application Smart Power Saving ➡ Amazfit Watch ➡ Unlimited
3 Click the left menu button at the bottom of the phone to enter the card-style background. After the Amazfit watch slides down, you can see that the small lock is to add the Amazfit watch APP to the white list;
Huawei mobile phone background settings :
1. Mobile butler - self-start management (set the program you want to start and do not want to start)
2. Mobile butler - lock screen cleaning application (setting the lock screen to continue running and want to close the program)
3. Mobile butler - battery - gear in the upper right corner - abnormal power consumption cleaning (turned off)
4. Settings - Application Management - Settings - Special Access Rights - Ignore battery optimization (there is a drop-down menu on the top, select all applications.) Switch to ignore the battery optimization program, is to run the program that is not optimized in the background, select Allow.
5. Mobile butler - clean up acceleration - gear in the upper right corner - turn off automatic cleaning. ;
Meizu mobile phone background settings :
1. Mobile butler, rights management, background management related software, set the Amazfit watch to allow operation;
2. Open the software you need, then slide it on the bottom of the home button, pop up the taskbar, slide down the Amazfit watch, click to lock it;
Vivo mobile background settings :
1. Phone settings ➡ More settings ➡ Privilege management ➡ Self-start ➡ Amazfit watch joins self-starting;
2. Mobile phone settings ➡ Battery ➡ Backstage high power consumption ➡ Open Amazfit watch;
3. Add this software to the whitelist, click the left menu button, enter the card-style background, and slide the Amazfit watch to see that the small lock is to add the Amazfit watch to the white list;
OPPO mobile phone background settings :
1. Mobile phone housekeeper self-starting management ➡ add Amazfit watch APP;
2. Mobile phone settings ➡ Battery ➡ Other ➡ Amazfit watch APP - Turn off the background freeze switch and automatically optimize the switch when an abnormality is detected;
3. Click the lower right menu button on the bottom bar of the phone to lock the Amazfit watch down;
Samsung mobile phone background settings :
1. Self-starting: Smart Manager ➡ Application Management ➡ Automatically run the program ➡ Amazfit watch opens;
2. Open the Amazfit watch app, click the task button on the left side of the home button to find the Amazfit watch, click on the button on the top of the Amazfit watch to lock it;
3. Phone Settings ➡ Developer Options ➡ Do not keep events off.

41, the watch call does not show the contact / watch can not hang up the phone
First look at the other management software in the phone, if you have installed 360, Tencent butler, please open all permissions of the Amazfit watch APP in these software, especially read the address book permissions. If it is not installed, please do the following
Android: Go to the Mobile Security Center, privilege management, ➡Amazfit watch, read the address book, and open the permission to read the address book;
iOS: Open the phone settings, notify you of incoming calls, turn on all the switches, especially the "Show in notification center" switch, and turn all options on.
If the above method can't be solved, you can upload the feedback of the watch, feedback in the watch app and provide id to help us locate the problem.

42. Can I run without a mobile phone when I run?
Without a mobile phone, the GPS chip in the watch can locate and record the track during running.

43, AGPS assisted search star
AGPS refers to a GPS satellite orbit information data that can help the watch to perform GPS positioning faster. While maintaining the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the mobile phone, the watch will automatically synchronize and update the AGPS data with the Amazfit watch app every day. If the watch does not synchronize data from the Amazfit Watch App for 7 consecutive days, the AGPS data will expire. The positioning speed may be affected after the expiration date, and the watch will remind you to update when you start exercising.

44, how to use running
Find “Sports” in the watch, click on the “Run” sport item inside, click on the watch interface to display the search GPS signal progress bar. When the progress is completed and the GPS signal is successfully searched, click “GO” to start. (GPS does not locate successfully. Click “GO” to skip positioning. GPS signal will be positioned during running, but it will cause abnormality in data such as speed, mileage, and motion track. It is not recommended to operate)


After entering the sport, the watch displays the motion operation, which can operate the sound and brightness, and slide to the left to see the various data of the running.


In order to prevent accidental touch during running, the watch will automatically enter the sports lock screen interface. Press any button to display the green aperture on the edge of the watch screen. The representative is paused. You can choose to continue, save, give up, etc. Press the button. Continue to exercise.


45, how to open the whole kilometer reminder
Sports ➡ sports settings 提醒 reminders per kilometer.
Reminder for the whole kilometer: reminder of the whole kilometer vibration.

46, how to set up a safe heart rate reminder?
Sports ➡ Sports Settings ➡ Sports Reminder - Safe Heart Rate Reminder.
Safe heart rate reminder: Set the safe heart rate value. When the watch detects that the sports center rate exceeds the safe heart rate value, the watch will vibrate and alarm to exceed the safe heart rate.

47, heart rate interval reminder how to set?
Sports ➡ Sports Settings ➡ Sports Reminder ➡ Heart Rate Interval Reminder ➡ Click on the interval you want to select or customize.
Optional range: there are currently warm-up relaxation, fat burning, cardio-respiratory strengthening, strength strengthening, anaerobic limit;

48, how to set up automatic pause?
Sports ➡ Sports Settings ➡ Running Pause: Automatic Pause: When the watch detects that the movement has stopped, the watch will also automatically pause.

49. Target time
For a single exercise, if the set time value is reached, the watch will remind you of the target.

50. Target mileage
After setting the mileage, if the single movement reaches the set distance value, the watch will prompt the target.

51, speed reminder
After setting the speed reminder value, if the running speed is lower than the set speed, the watch will vibrate to indicate that the speed is too low.

52, 3D data mode
The conventional GPS record mileage is the distance measured by the trajectory plane route. The distance of the three-dimensional oblique side is not calculated. If it is turned on, it will be calculated according to the distance of the oblique side of the upslope and downslope. Big.


53、3D data mode opening method
Motion ➡ Motion Settings ➡ Motion Control ➡ 3D Data Mode.

54, sports real-time data sorting and customization
Amazfit Watch APP ➡ My ➡ My Watch ➡ Sports ➡ Sports Real-time data settings ➡ Running and other sports data ➡ can display data items in real time and adjust these data item data.


55, running interval training
In plain language, it is to stop and take a break after running for a while, then run for a while and then rest. The principle of interval training is to increase the body's ability to resist lactic acid through higher-load heart rate stimulation. When your heart rate has not returned to a quiet level, do the next exercise to improve your athletic performance.
Amazfit Watch APP ➡ My ➡ My Watch ➡ Sports ➡ Running Interval Training ➡ New Training Program.


56. Indoor running calibration and
calibration method: Press the watch button at the end of the run, select the calibration and save in the watch pause operation interface, select the correct number of kilometers and click the check mark to save.


57, the positioning prompt "search star assist expired" or can not always locate
When the watch is moving, look for a place that is relatively empty. When you are positioning, do not move your arm back and forth. If you are unable to locate or prompt the search star to expire, you can do the following.
1) First open the Amazfit watch app, pull down the sync data multiple times on the APP homepage (mainly try to update the agps data to help quickly locate)
2) The watch is directly restored to the factory, and then re-bind. After binding, relocate to the surrounding area. When positioning, do not move the arm back and forth. The positioning time is about one minute. If you can't locate or search at all times. Star assist expired, please click the feedback of the watch below, after the prompt upload is successful, provide the next id to help us locate the problem.

58. Factors affecting GPS recording trajectory
1. tall buildings around;
2. Complex terrain and complex electrical signal environment;
3. Bad weather conditions such as sandstorms, heavy rains, and other harsh natural weather;
4. The current number of satellites in the sky is small;
These complex environments will affect the GPS positioning. If you are troubleshooting the above situation, please upload the feedback of the watch, provide the id, and send the screenshot of the drifting track picture to us to bind the problem.

59, GPX
Meaning: GPX is a file format. The file format exported by GPS track information is GPX, which is a relatively common record gps track file.
Function: The common navigation method in life is mobile map navigation, mobile map and navigation for some outdoor roads, the map is not displayed, when others use the gpx to upload the route he has traveled to the Internet, we can download with him The route to pass.

60, GPX track import method
Connect the watch to the charging stand, plug it into the computer and find the “Amazfit Smartwatch” ➡ internal storage device ➡gpxdate, copy the downloaded gpx file into it.


61, GPX usage
Go to the system interface and find “Sports” ➡ Motion Settings ➡ Motion Tracks ➡ Select the copied track file ➡ select “Use”.


Go back to the “Sports” interface, click to select “Keep Walking”, and then enter the walking data interface after sliding, then slide to the left to see the gpx track interface, you can follow the track to move.


62, GPX export
First find the motion record that needs to be exported in the watch movement record, click in and then slide to the left and click on “Track Export”.


After the export is complete, the watch is inserted into the computer and found in the gpxdate folder to be copied.


Note: The export must be connected to a computer copy and cannot be exported via mobile phone.

63, how to delete the sports data
Delete in watch : watch finds motion record - exercise record - click to enter left to find delete.


APP Delete : Amazfit Watch APP-Sports - Click to select the sport data you want to delete - click the three dot icon in the upper right corner and click Delete Record.


The deletion in the watch's sports history is only deleted in the watch. The deleted motion data in the APP is permanently deleted. After the deletion, the server will also delete it. The operation needs to be cautious.

64. Third-party data access
Data such as the exercise data recorded by the watch and the heart rate of the steps are connected to a third party.


65, the weather
The watch dial interface slides down to see the weather of the day; or you can view the weather for 7 days on the watch weather app interface.


Change weather area
Setting method: Amazfit Watch APP-My-My Watch-Weather-Targeting This column can be set after clicking in it.


Temperature unit change


Daily Weather Alert : A new day's weather will be pushed around 7am every day after opening.

Early warning weather reminder : When the switch is turned on, the weather server will push it to the watch when it has extreme warning weather information.

66, compass
The watch slides to the compass application, enters for the first time or when the watch detects that the compass is not accurate, it will enter the compass calibration interface. According to the prompt in the watch, the compass will enter the compass interface.


Clicking on the compass's interface will display the latitude and longitude altitude and air pressure values; the latitude and longitude and altitude need to be displayed in the open space.


The latitude and longitude altitude requires GPS positioning, and positioning takes a certain amount of time.

67, the compass can not be calibrated
1. The watch cannot be replaced with a magnet or a magnetic strap (the magnet will interfere with the geomagnetic sensor and cannot be calibrated);
2. If there is no replacement, please upload the feedback and provide the id to help us locate the problem.

68. How to check the firmware version of Amazfit watch?
Watch settings ➡ About ➡ Click to find the watch firmware version.

69, Amazfit smart watch connected to WiFi
Watch settings ➡ Connect ➡ WiFi, click on the WIFI you need to connect, the phone will display the interface to enter the password, pay attention to the watch's WIFI password must be entered on the phone by clicking the tick button in the upper right corner to confirm.


70, Amazafit smart watch binding Alipay
Watch Alipay application ➡ Start binding ➡ Open the mobile phone Alipay Use the Alipay Sweep function to scan the QR code displayed on the watch, and then follow the prompts to bind.


71, mobile phone Alipay click to untie the watch, the watch payment code does not disappear
You can click on the name of the Alipay above the watch barcode, and the watch will pop up a prompt to untie it. Click on Unbind.

72, watch Alipay independent payment
The watch only provides the payment code during the payment process. After the merchant scans the barcode to the barcode of your watch, the merchant will issue a debit request to the Alipay server. If Alipay judges that the transaction is safe and within the amount allowed by Alipay, Alipay will directly The payment will be deducted from your Alipay account. If the amount is exceeded or unsafe, the payment will fail.
Remarks: At present, the watch pays a large amount of payment or enters a password through the mobile phone to complete the transaction. Alipay stipulates a single maximum amount and the number of daily payments. This amount is also changed with the constant adjustment of Alipay. If you have any questions, you can consult Alipay.

73. What should I do if the watch with Alipay is lost?
Please log in to your mobile phone, Alipay, "My", "Settings", "Payment Settings", "Smart Watch", and unlock the watch.

74, binding Alipay prompt "no device found"
It may be caused by an abnormal connection between the mobile phone and the watch's Bluetooth connection when binding. You can turn on the flight mode of the watch and then turn it off. Restart the mobile phone watch and re-bind it. If you still can't solve it, you can upload the feedback of the watch. Id helps us locate the problem.

75, Alipay deduction order adjustment
Method: Alipay ➡ My ➡ Settings ➡ Payment Settings ➡ Debit Order ➡ to adjust, the payment will be in the order from top to bottom, the preferred payment method.

76, heart rate detection
The heart rate application ➡ measurement is found in the watch, and the watch should be kept close to the skin during the measurement process. After the heart rate test is completed, there will be a heart rate analysis button at the bottom, which will measure the health of the body based on the state of the body and emotions.


77, heart rate detection principle
The blood is red, reflecting red light and absorbing green light. The watch combines green LED light with a photodiode to detect the amount of blood flowing through the wrist at a specific time to obtain heart rate information.

78. What factors will affect the heart rate test results?
Non-standard wearing methods can affect the measurement of heart rate signals, such as light leakage caused by incomplete fitting, swinging of the arm, and slight movement of the watch on the skin;
Wearing the watch too tightly, raising your arms and making a fist can affect blood circulation, which may also affect your heart rate signal. The correct way to measure is to lay your arms flat, relax and stay still while keeping your watch close to your arms.

79, heart rate throughout the day
Watch heart rate application interface ➡ Click on the center of the screen ➡ Click the “All-day heart rate on” button, after clicking, there will be a prompt that the battery will rise significantly after the prompt is turned on. Click the check button to open it. (Close the heart rate throughout the day: After turning on the heart rate throughout the day, the heart rate directly enters the heart rate interface, directly click on the interface other than the “Measure” button,)


80, resting heart rate does not show
Resting heart rate, also known as quiet heart rate, refers to the number of heartbeats per minute in a quiet, inactive, quiet state. Scientific research shows that the lower the resting heart rate, the longer the life.
The watch measures the resting heart rate to show certain conditions. The basic condition is that the sleep must meet more than 5 hours, and the quality of sleep can not be too bad. If the above conditions are satisfied, the resting heart rate can not be detected, and the feedback of the watch can be uploaded. APP feedback provides id to help us locate the problem.

81. Motion data collection and opening method :
Watch unlock interface - drop down screen - click on Settings - Huami Lab - click on the bottom of the motion data collection display on is on.


Id can open the watch app - my ten-digit number at the beginning of the avatar is the id that needs to be provided.
Feedback: Watch unlock interface - drop down screen - click Settings - Feedback.

82, watch copy songs
Click on the computer to find the Amazfit smartwatch portable media player, click inside


Find the Music folder, then copy the downloaded MP3 songs into it.


83, why the remaining memory of the watch does not have 4G
The system of the watch itself occupies about 1G of memory, so the total memory displayed after connecting the computer is the amount of memory displayed after the watch system is removed; the application plug-in, copy song, and sports health data installed in the watch still need to occupy memory.


84, the computer can not recognize the watch how to do
1. Need to choose the system computer of win7 and above;
2. Multi-plug several charging docks and computer USB interface, or you can try several more computers;
If the above method is still unrecognizable, it can be sent back directly for analysis.

85, how to connect a watch to a Mac computer
Connect the watch and MAC, install Android File Transfer, http://vdisk.weibo.com/s/vx0TMAVHsNaC?sudaref=www.baidu.com After opening the app, you can see the file path of the watch and copy the song to the Music path. Just fine.

86, copy the song, click to play when prompted to connect USB for song copy
1. If the song is copied, the watch is still connected to the computer. It may be that the watch is connected and the reading is abnormal. You can unplug the data cable and the charging base, and then try again.
2. If you still have the same prompt, you can reconnect to the computer and go to the music folder to see if there is an abnormal copy file size.
3. If it still doesn't work, please unplug the data cable and the base watch to shut down and try again.

87, watch connected to Bluetooth headset
1. First enter the Bluetooth headset into pairing mode;
2. The watch dial interface slides down - Setup - Connection - Bluetooth device - click on the searched Bluetooth headset name to connect.
If you can't search for a connection if you enter pairing mode, you can upload the comment in the watch to provide the id and tell the Bluetooth headset the name in the phone's Bluetooth list.


88, Himalayan download
Open Amazfit Watch APP ➡ My ➡ My Watch ➡ Himalayan ➡ Click on the item you want to download (the audio book is an example) ➡ Click on the book you want to download to download ➡ The watch will search for WiFi, and the link will be downloaded later. .


89. Himalayan file deletion
Watch Himalayan ➡ Click the Settings button ➡ Has been downloaded ➡ Long press the album you want to delete, or click to enter the long selection to delete the selected watch will pop up the delete confirmation interface, check the file you want to delete.


91. How long does the Amazfit smart watch record data by default?
Currently Amazfit smart watches can automatically save 7 days of sports data. The motion history record in the watch can display about 30 motion data records. If it is over, it will be covered one by one, and the APP can be synchronized in time.

92, alarm clock settings
How to set the watch: Find the alarm clock application in the watch and click the “+” button in the icon to add it.


Setting method in mobile phone:


Note: When the watch alarm clock is vibrating, do not click on the “Close” and “After” watch alarms shown above. The alarm will only turn off for five minutes.

93, wearing habits set wrong will affect the pace?
Yes, different ways of wearing, the calculations taken by the watch are different, which may lead to errors in the counting and other data.

94. Why have you started walking, but the watch has not counted?
In order to reduce the error, the watch sets an initial value of 10. When the number of real-time steps is greater than 10 steps, the step is officially started, and the real-time steps in the APP main interface will change. That is, starting from the 10th step, remember 10.

95, the number of target steps
The target step number can be modified by setting, and the watch will vibrate when the set target reaches the target.


Method : Amazfit watch APP-status - click on the big circle - step number to find the upper right corner to set the target setting, set the required number of steps.

96. How to change the dial of Amazfit smart watch?
Amazfit watch APP settings: When the phone and watch are connected, open the phone software and select directly in the “dial”.
Quick settings in the watch: press the power button, long press the watch center dial will zoom out, slide left and right and click to select the dial.
Settings in the watch : watch settings ➡ use preferences ➡ dial ➡ change dial

97, low light mode
After setting the low light mode, the watch will not be completely black after the screen, and the screen can display numbers or pointer thumbnails, which is convenient for watching time.

98, lock screen seconds brush
The precondition for the lock screen to display the second hand is to turn on the low light mode. When the lock screen is turned on, the pointer dial can display the second hand.
In the watch settings: watch settings ➡ use preferences ➡ dial ➡ change the dial.

99. What is the difference between watch time and mobile time?
This is caused by abnormal time zone changes in the mobile phone. You can set the time and language to the phone, set the network time automatically (or network time synchronization), and then synchronize the refresh attempt.

100. The payment code displayed on the mobile payment account is changed once a minute. Is the watch also changed after binding?
Refresh once a minute.

101, voice assistant
Be sure to pay attention to the following two points when using the voice assistant function
1. The watch must be connected to the mobile APP;
2. The mobile phone must be networked;
3. Currently only supports Mandarin;


102, voice assistant function
Voice Assistant opens the sport: Add a voice assistant to turn on the sport function, you can try to say "open running", "start outdoor riding" and other voice commands.
* Support chat
* Voice query supporting weather and some encyclopedic knowledge
* Support limited access in some areas (Beijing, Tianjin, Guiyang, Nanchang, Chengdu, Lanzhou)
* Supports addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of arithmetic
* Support stock price inquiry of each stock of A shares
* Support exchange rate inquiry in various currencies
* Support voice settings for watch alarms
* Support voice settings for watch countdown, and support additional task descriptions (eg, remind me to run after 5 minutes, set an alarm clock at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, I want to have a meeting)
* Support voice control meter home smart socket, Mi home smart light function (such as: open the bedroom lights, close the living room socket)

103, Sogou map (Android only)
Find the Sogou map in the watch, click to enter, the first time you enter there will be a prompt to download the offline map.

Then the watch starts to automatically locate the current position, the watch and the phone are connected and the phone needs to be connected. Once the positioning is successful, you can view it. If you need to navigate, you can click the screen to scroll left and right in the watch to find the area you want to locate, then press and hold on the watch screen, then the “map marker point” will appear at the bottom of the screen. “Get here” will appear at the bottom, click on the box to select.


104. Can the Sogou map be used alone?
If you download an offline map, you can view the map of the current area separately, but you cannot locate and navigate.

105. Can I delete the offline map downloaded from Sogou Map?
can. Sogou map slide down to find the download list, click on the download list, find the city map you need to uninstall, click and select Delete.

106, what is the watch screen unlock?
After the screen is unlocked, when the mobile phone enters the input password interface, the mobile phone detects that the Bluetooth signal of the watch will be automatically unlocked, no need to input the password, or the fingerprint is verified. This must enter the interface for entering the password, and the mobile phone is only bright. Will be unlocked.
Setting method: Open "Amazfit Watch" APP ➡ "My" ➡ "My Watch" ➡ "" Screen Unlock".


Power consumption increase interface Click “OK” ➡ “Set Watch Unlock” ➡ Enter the password (or draw the unlock pattern, here the screenshot takes the password as an example);


Click "OK" in the watch to set the unlock distance to complete the screen unlock setting.


Watch screen unlocking currently only supports MIUI system and the system is version 5.0 and above.

107, cancel the watch screen unlock?
Phone settings ➡ Screen, password and fingerprint lock screen advanced settings ➡ Bluetooth device lock screen ➡ Amazfit Watch ➡ delete.

108, how to deal with the failure of the watch screen unlocking?
1. Clear the Bluetooth buffer of the mobile phone and try to restart the mobile phone watch;
2. Delete the screen to unlock and then try again
If the above methods are not uploaded, the log provides the id to help us locate the problem.

109. Can the watch be modified into other languages?

110. Does the watch support the connection of heart rate belt?
stand by.

111. Does the watch support heart rate data export?
not support.

112, mobile music control
When “Mobile Music Control” is turned on, when the mobile phone plays music, the watch notification bar will pop up a music control button, which can control the mobile phone playback (previous/next), volume adjustment, pause, etc.
Setting method: Open Amazfit watch APP ➡ My ➡ settings ➡ Notification settings ➡ Mobile music control check to enable, when the phone and watch are connected, the watch will automatically pop up the control interface when the phone starts playing music, you can make the previous one/down A switch, volume adjustment, pause operation.
Note: Note that the app must be connected to the watch, and the watch must have a control interface in the interface where the music is played.


113, data synchronization failed
1. Please check if the mobile APP version and firmware version are up to date, if not the latest first upgrade attempt;
2. Please go to the watch settings - data - manual synchronization, after the synchronization is successful, then go to the APP to refresh several attempts;
Still can't restart the mobile phone Bluetooth, try restarting the mobile phone watch. If the above methods can't be solved, please upload the feedback in the watch APP and watch and provide id to help us locate the problem.

114, manual synchronization
After clicking the manual sync, the watch can synchronize the data of the watch by connecting the previously connected WiFi. This synchronization method can quickly synchronize the watch data to the server without using the APP.
Method : Watch Settings - Data - Manual Synchronization.

115, automatic synchronization
After the automatic synchronization is turned on, the watch will automatically search for the WiFi connected to the nearby password input at around 10:00 every morning and around 10:00 in the evening for data synchronization.
Setting method: Watch Settings - Data - Auto Sync - Click to open.

116, widget settings
Settings for the watch to display and sort in the watch.
Method: Amazfit watch ➡ My ➡ My watch ➡ widget settings, click to open, hide or adjust the order of open widgets.

117, how to open a transportation card
Amazfit watch ➡ My ➡ My watch ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡

Remarks: Users can open up to 4 transportation cards (the traffic union card can only be opened one); in the Add Traffic Card page, all the traffic cards that users can open are displayed, and the opened traffic cards will also display " The status has been opened. The user selects the transportation card that needs to be opened, and clicks the card to enter the opening process.

118, how to set the default traffic card?
If you have more than one transportation card, you will need to set one of them as the default transportation card for daily use.
Setting method: Open Amazfit watch APP ➡ My ➡ My watch ➡ card package ➡ Click to find the transportation card, select the default traffic card;

119. Is there a fee for opening a transportation card?
The bus payment belongs to the special-shaped card that opens the corresponding city. Whether the charge depends on whether the card company needs to collect the card-issuing fee of the card-shaped card, the specific opening fee is subject to the card-opening page display. After the opening is completed, the card-returning fee is not supported. .

120. Can a watch open multiple transportation cards?
Support the opening of multiple transportation cards, please open according to your own needs. Each city transportation card can only be opened once, and the opened cards cannot be refunded; each card will occupy the chip storage space, and up to 4 cards can be opened.
Note: The transportation card is divided into two standards: the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Communications; the traffic card in each area can only be opened at most (the standard of the Ministry of Construction and Construction), and the transportation joint card (the standard of the Ministry of Communications) can only be opened at most;

121. Does changing the watch need to be reopened?
The traffic card is bound to the watch hardware. The traffic card in the watch is sent out in the air, and the data is directly stored in the NFC chip of the watch. If you change the account of the opened bus payment to another account, you can continue to use it without opening a new card. After changing the new watch, if you need to continue using the bus payment function, you need to re-open the card.

122. Does the bus payment support monthly ticket, student card, old card and other ticket cards?
Special card tickets such as student cards, old-age cards, local military cards, and Hangzhou Tongyue tickets are not supported.

123. How to recharge the bus payment? How to check the balance?
After the watch opens the traffic card, enter the Amazfit watch - my - my watch - card package, select the traffic card that needs to be recharged, click the recharge button to recharge, convenient and fast, no need to queue.
The balance and transaction history can be found in the Amazfit watch ➡ My ➡ My watch ➡ card package to find the corresponding traffic card.

124. Why is the transaction record displayed on the mobile phone less than the actual transaction record?
The traffic card in the watch is the same as the physical card. Only the last 7-10 transaction records can be recorded, so the excess records will be replaced by the new transaction records. Please check all the transaction records for each transportation company.

125. Which payment methods are supported by the transportation card recharge?
Currently only Alipay is supported.

126, recharge prompt "Service maintenance, please try again later" What should I do?
Each city transportation card will have regular system maintenance services. During this period, the recharge will fail. Please avoid recharging after this period.

127. What should I do if the watch bus fails to be swiped?
First you need to make sure:
1. The watch is in a charged state and the power is greater than 10%;
2. Set the transportation card as the default card. For example, set the Shanghai transportation card as the default card in Shanghai; set Shenzhen Pass as the default card in Shenzhen;
3. The balance of the traffic card in the watch is sufficient, and the Amazfit watch ➡ my ➡ my watch ➡ card package;
When all the above are confirmed, please try to swipe the card again, change the reading position of the watch and the gate or POS machine. Keep it stable for 1-2 seconds when swiping the card. Do not shake it back and forth. If it is a subway station, try to change the gate. Some gates may be faulty or poorly compatible, resulting in failure to swipe.

128, how to brush bus or subway
When the watch is placed close to the gate or POS machine, the watch will automatically deduct and swipe the card without any action.
When swiping the card, please close the watch to the center of the gate or POS sensing area.

129. Why does my watch fail when I open the card/recharge/query?
1. The network causes the operation to fail;
2. Since some mobile phones have built-in NFC modules, if the watch is too close to the mobile phone, it will lead to failure. It is recommended to turn off the NFC function of the mobile phone or keep the watch away from the mobile phone 10CM or more.

130. Does the watch bus need to connect to the mobile phone when it is swiped?
No need to connect your watch to your phone's Bluetooth.

131. Will the watch's factory reset will clear the opened traffic card?
The restoration of the factory settings and unbinding of the watch will not affect the opened traffic card.
The card opened in the watch is the same as the physical card. If it is untied and then bound by other users, the user who is bound later can also use the opened traffic card.

132. Why is the trading time displayed on the APP inconsistent with the actual trading time?
The transaction time recorded on the APP is the card swiping time of the watch. If the time of the card swiping device is inconsistent with the Beijing time, there will be a situation in which the APP transaction time is inconsistent with the actual transaction time, which is a normal phenomenon.

133. Why does the subway need to be swiped longer than the inbound stop when the subway exits or the bus gets off the bus?
In addition to the normal card reading time and the settlement of tariff data, the time will be slightly more than the time of entering and getting on the bus, but it will not affect the normal use, so you need to put a little more time. To ensure the completion of normal transactions.

134. Can the watch transportation card enjoy the same discount?
Yes, using the watch bus payment is equivalent to using the corresponding physical transportation card, and the discount for the transportation card is also applicable to the watch bus payment.

135. Can existing bus cards be bound to Amazfit smart watches?
Watches do not support binding existing physical cards to Amazfit smartwatch hardware.

136. What should I do if the amount and frequency of bus deductions are incorrect?
If you have any objection to the amount of the card and the deduction, you can directly contact the corresponding customer service hotline of the transportation card company and ask for help.
Since the traffic card is a transaction conducted offline, the inquiry record may be delayed for several days. When the abnormal deduction is contacted with the corresponding card company, the abnormal time point and amount of the deduction are provided, which facilitates the record inquiry.
Shanghai Transportation Card Customer Service: 021-12319
Shenzhen Tong Customer Service: 400-688-0700
Wuhan Tong Customer Service: 027-81886666
Guangxi card customer service: 0771-5502255
Jilin Tong Customer Service: 0432-96668
Hefeitong Customer Service: 0551-62851595

137. What is the door card simulation?
The door card simulation means that the user can simulate the daily use of the door card to the NFC-enabled watch after real-name authentication, and can open the door by brushing the watch.

138. What is the scope of the door card simulation? What if the door card simulation always fails?
Scope: At present, the door card simulation supports the simulation of un-encrypted door cards with a frequency of 13.56MHz. However, if the door card has an encryption zone, it cannot be simulated. Because the access card or NFC chip card standard is different, some access cards can Successful simulation, but may not open the door; for security reasons, the card with the card function and the stored value consumption, the bus consumption function of the card can not be simulated temporarily; even if the simulation is successful, this function can not have bank, consumer, public transport Additional features; each person can add up to 5 access cards.
First, exclude the range that does not apply to the above card simulation. If you are not sure, you can upload the feedback of the mobile phone and the feedback in the watch and provide the next id to help us locate the problem.

139, door card simulation method
Go to Amazfit Watch APP and click "My" - "My Watch". In the "Card Package" page, select the access card and click on it - "Add Now", close the door card to the watch screen for detection. After the test is successful, follow the on-screen instructions. Once authenticated, you can complete the copy.

When the door card is simulated, it must be said that the watch is close to the door card, otherwise it will easily lead to failure.

140. Will the door card simulation function charge a fee?
There is no charge for using the door card emulation feature.

141, how to set the default door card
After the success of the door card simulation and the successful completion of the traffic card, if you want to use one of them, you must switch to the default card in the watch.
Switching method: slide the watch to the card package application - card settings - slide left and right to set the default card.

142, how to delete the already simulated door card?
Go to the Amazfit Watch APP ➡ My ➡ My Watch ➡ Card Package ➡ My Access Card page and select the card you want to delete. Click “Delete Door Card” to delete it.

143. Is it necessary to re-simulate the door card to unlock the watch?
Due to safety factors, after unlocking the watch, you need to re-simulate the door card and continue to use it.

144. Which situation will result in the deletion of the door card?
In addition to the user actively deleting the simulated door card, for security reasons, the user unbinds the watch and the door card is deleted.

145, telephone application
Function: You can make or receive calls in your watch
Click the contact to swipe to the left to click on the caller to make a call, or you can click on the previous record to make a call during the recent call, or you can enter the mobile number to dial.



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