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20/05/18, 07:35:28

20/05/18, 07:41:43
Venga animarse, que para junio cae flyme 7 estable

23/05/18, 00:44:06
dear flyme.com global
.. ....... .... ... ..
this new year flyme os is best customice and develop .
but feeling how much we want to communicate a very important issue that users are very concerned about.
We are many global users but for lack of updates and improvements we want to contact you to remedy this system updates.
we want them to update or better yet we need updates on all Meizu devices with flyme os since the cause carries many uncorrected errors and system failures.
flyme 7 was released recently as we know well in our Asian colleagues but that is not the reason to slow down the system of updates global .
update the global systems please we need it. We see that it is too slow compared to other companies that are already in the European market and improve more easily and correct the system as soon as possible.
the global users ask that an update a month would be enough in each device since there is time to correct errors and improvements.
You do not need to update with large updates with just minor updates it would be easier and faster. Mini system updates faster and easier. This is a global statement from the users that we use the great flyme system.
regards. We look forward to news soon in the forum flyme.com

greetings global users.
forward [emoji39]

I am sorry for my bad english

This email is for


Copy and send day 24 to 9 am

23/05/18, 12:50:02
Que quieres decir con esto?

24/05/18, 11:15:27
Gracias ya lo se