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02/09/10, 18:29:18
La idea no es mía, pero me parecio una buena idea de revelar.

Pues les pido que unirse a nosotros a enviar un email para:
con un texto como:
Dear Sirs;
I am an owner of a mobile phone with the Android platform. I, as a developer, have a keen interest and curiosity in making some changes in the kernel of my device and to my surprise, when trying to find the source for my phone, this search came to no avail and I was not able to get any kernel source used in this phone.

After further investigation, I noticed that the company that manufactures the cell phone (Gigabyte) doesn't release the kernel as open source. I was astonished with this, because as a user of the linux operating system, I thought the Android kernel source had to be released under the GNU and GPL laws and be released as open source, or else it would be breaking the terms of GNU/GPL agreements.

As previously said, the manufacturer is Gigabyte and the cell phone in question is the G 1305 model, which also comes into several other "clones" all over the world under the names of the carriers that distribute the phones such as: Optimus Boston (Portugal), Orange Boston (Spain), Apanda 60 (China), Wellcomm A88 (Thailand) and probably many others that I have no knowledge so far.

Under this situation, I hope my report will be taken seriously and some measures be taken to these companies since they are violating the terms of open source terms. I would be interested on feedback of your part if further actions are taken.

Kind regards,

la idea es hacer un poco de presion para que proporcionem el kernel y las .key's e .perm

cuantos más mejor.


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02/09/10, 20:14:21
Me sumo a la propuesta.

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02/09/10, 21:05:50
Otro mas (hay que facilitar las cosas a los cocineros)

02/09/10, 22:23:57
hi that thread was started by me in androidpt.com has rom cooker, i ask to all spanish comunity to make some pressure, maybe with, this cooker's like me and c.martinez in near future can develop better ROM's and other mod's for our devices.

salud firetrap

04/09/10, 15:44:37
copiamos pegamso el correo y lo enviamos no? haber si asi hay suerte...

04/09/10, 15:49:17
Yo he leído que la licencia de android es apache, la que por desgracia no obliga al fabricante a liberar el kernel

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04/09/10, 21:41:26
Android itself is released under the Apache license, but the kernel which Android runs is GPL and can not be released under any other license. I have sent my complaint to GNU and am awaiting my response. Another thing we could try is to flood Orange with emails requesting this source. Only pressure from the customer itself might get them to release it.

04/09/10, 23:17:30
entonces a parte de enviar nuestars quejas al correo que aparece en el primer post tambien se lo podemos enviar a orange? a ver si con un poco de presion lo liberan :)

05/09/10, 01:45:55
mi email ya lo tienen que haber leido