Ver la Versión Completa : In Thailand has similar ROM 2.1 as Apanda A60 but more stable.

11/08/10, 06:54:42
If you need to try here is the link.

11/08/10, 11:38:25
Can you give us more details about the device?

11/08/10, 13:44:15
It's WellcoM A88 the hard is same as Apanda A60.
I used to flash by using Apanda A60 2.1.9 ROM but it still have some bug.
So today WellcoM A88 release new ROM 2.1 for my device and seem that stable than A60.

11/08/10, 16:06:11
Have 600mhz kernel?

Me auto respondo 480

11/08/10, 16:38:28
Curioso, tiene otra firma o algo ha cambiado, xq no vale el boot del apanda.
PDT:NAda si que arranca con el boot de apanda, pero tardó lo suyo ::P

11/08/10, 16:45:53
Curioso, tiene otra firma o algo ha cambiado, xq no vale el boot del apanda.

Pues yo intentando rootearlo me cargado el boot, le he metido el de apanda y me funciona.

Edit: Vale, ahora has editado jeje

11/08/10, 17:02:56
Nada es más o menos lo mismo pero con tailandés, podrían ser buena gente y poner español:risitas:
O compartir el código fuente que no hay forma de encontrarlo:cry:

PDT: Parece que va un pelín más fluida

11/08/10, 17:18:48
I guess the oficial Orange ROM will also be 480mhz...seems a common pattern in 2.1 roms :| we gotta get our hands on the kernel source code...

11/08/10, 17:40:00
Quizas funciona a 480mhz por las criticas en cuanto a duracion de la bateria.

Maybe it works at 480% to save battery

11/08/10, 17:49:26
Según los chinos, se les reinicia el móvil si lo suben de 600. (Sí me entero de lo que traduce el google:risitas:)
He intentado hacer uno por mi cuenta, pero se me queda pillado en el arranque, esperaba que con el genérico para msm7k valiese pero nada :P

12/08/10, 21:07:38
I compared many of the config files inside the .nb0 file and they are identical, except for all the .img files which differ slightly. I tried flashing the ftm.img file from Wellcom A688 and the FTM driver still exposes the VID_0489&PID_C003 device which has no working driver. The system.img files are comparable in size so I wonder what is actually different between them. It would have been a lot more interesting if the boot.img file contained a kernel that used the CPU at 600 MHz. I think everyone that is putting out updates for Boston/A60/A688/etc are using template files given by the "manufacturer", so I think all updates to 2.1 will have the CPU at 480 MHz. I suspect this is the case because Qualcomm found out they can't constantly run at 600 MHz without breaking over time.