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04/08/10, 16:25:54
Nueva beta de esta Rom, que particularmente me encanta. Me sigue fallando el Google Goggles, pero soluciona otros bugs que me aparecieron en la beta 1, del bluetooth y market...

Sacado de XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=7486633#post7486633):

Kang-o-rama 1.0 beta 2

Based on CyanogenMod 6 RC2 (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=722798) by teamdouche
With 720p Video Recording (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=698287) by charnsingh_online et al.
Powered by Darktremor apps2ext (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=715940) by tkirton

After quite a few changed under the hood I'm happy to release the next beta of Kang-o-rama 1.0. This new beta is based on CyanogenMod 6 RC2 (full changelog here (http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cyanogen/blob/froyo/CHANGELOG.mkdn)) and includes 720p video recently released (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=698287) by charnsingh_online as well as the latest version of Darktremor app2ext (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=715940) by tkirton.

This release of Kang-o-rama includes a new advanced installer that allows you to pre-configure and customise your installation. This works by reading flags you set in a file on your sdcard before you install Kang-o-rama 1.0 beta 2. See the details below.

The usual suspects are included in this release of Kang-o-rama although I've trimmed some of the fat. The latest Google Apps is included in Kang-o-rama as per usual. AdFree is now included in the rom as one or two of the other apps have ads. It's not turned on by default.

I'm going to overhaul the first post in this thread but that takes ages so for the time being you'll have to do with this simple post. And you might want to check out this post (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7203455&postcount=2855) too, it will give you an overview of Kang-o-rama 1.0 - don't download from that page though!

720p Video - ImportantThe implementation of this fine work by charnsingh_online comes with some compromises, most notably using the camera with the flash. There is no way to exclude this from the rom so please check this thread (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=698287) carefully if you are dependant on your phone as a camera!

If you install a kernel that does not support 720p recording after installing this rom you will break your camera.

This is test software, no complaints please.
Trackball SuccessionI have removed this patch from the rom as it has a bug that hijacks notifications and does not automatically dismiss them. It's simply too annoying.Advanced InstallIf you create a text file called install.cfg in /sdcard/android/kangorama/ (i.e. the /android/kangorama/ directory on the root of your sdcard - you may need to create it) it will be checked during install for the following flags.

Simply type any combination of these flags, each flag on a new line, into the install.cfg file and save it.

noapps - do not install additional Kang-o-rama apps, limit Google apps to basics (see this helpful post (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7488630&postcount=3445) by fiftyclick).

launcher2 - will replace ADW.Launcher with Google Launcher2

stockfonts - will replace the Kang-o-rama fonts with the stock Nexus fonts

stockwidgets - will replace the transparent widgets with the opaque CyanogenMod 6 widgets.

stockdialer - will replace the phone and contacts mod with the stock apps

nocar - will not install the Car Dock applications

sysapps - will install any apks you leave in /sdcard/android/kangorama/system/ to the /system partition

Please be careful with the last one as it will indiscriminately replace any duplicate files in /system/app - potentially overwriting a stock app. This feature is useful if you want to install apps to the secure partition each time you install Kang-o-rama (e.g. WaveSecure)InstallingWell, I don't think you actually have to wipe /data now although it needs to be widely tested before I can claim this too loudly. In my testing I've had success without wiping /data. Run fix_permissions if you have problems.

If you have apps on /sdext you don't need to wipe that either. Although you will need to run startapps2ext again when you first boot, reboot fully and then run fix_permissions.

This should apply from most roms although I can't make assurances.

Please wipe cache and dalvik-cache regardless.

And remember, your best chance of a trouble-free experience is to wipe everything before you begin.Apps2extTo start apps2ext run startapps2ext as su from a terminal window on your phone and then reboot. The rest will happen automatically. Please make sure you have partitioned your ext partition first (no swap necessary).

If you already had apps on your sd-ext partition you will need to run fix_permissions after your reboot and then reboot again.Known Issues

There is at least 1 report of the kernel included not fitting on some phones with bad blocks in the boot sector (Status/Error 7). There is nothing I can do about this I'm afraid. I can not release a small kernel version because the 720p recording capability takes up more space.
Most, if not all of the known issues for CM6 RC2 (including that Google Goggles does not work) - please review that thread
If you get stuck on the static X at boot, reboot to recovery and wipe cache, then reboot from recovery and all should be good. This does not happen frequently or regularly but it does happen occasionally.
The default clock colour and dBm display is black. I don't know what's going on here... I suspect some duplicate code in CM6 RC2 because I've changed it to white in two places now to no effect. You can manually change it in CyanogenMod Parts.

DownloadKang-o-rama 1.0 beta 2 (CM6 RC2)

Download: Kang-o-rama-1.0-b2.zip (http://djmcnz.batteryboss.org/Kang-o-rama/1.0/Pre%20Release/Kang-o-rama-1.0-b2.zip) (118MB)
MD5 Hash: d6d6576a9559efa08e9bd514341a61d0

Please provide feedback.

04/08/10, 16:52:32
Algo me dice ke te has ekivocado de sección del foro XD

04/08/10, 17:25:40
Pues va a ser que sí, a ver si algún Admin se pasa y arregla el desaguisado ;)

05/08/10, 10:37:55
Pues va a ser que sí, a ver si algún Admin se pasa y arregla el desaguisado ;)

Te funciona el flash de la camara?¿?
un saludo

05/08/10, 10:40:00
te lo muevo a ROMs Nexus One

05/08/10, 12:19:24
Te funciona el flash de la camara?¿?
un saludo

Igual que siempre.

05/08/10, 13:56:42
bueno he instalado el rom y comento los fallos que he encontrao, el primero eske no me a reconocido todas las aplicaciones que tengo en la sd y nose como hacerlo para ke las reconozca, el segundo es el flash funcionar funciona el problema es como bien pone en ingles por algun sitio que las fotos salen verdes, pero totalmente verdes con el flash , ademas el video a 720p no es ke se vea demasiado bien se pixela muxisimo con el movimiento y encima solo te deja grabar 30 segundos, pense ke a menos resolucion grabaqria mas fluido en interiores pero no sigue igual, asike e exo el restore nandroid, y sigo con la cyanogenmod 6.0 rc2,
gracias y unsaludo

05/08/10, 16:02:09
Sobre las aplis en SD, mira ésto:

Apps2SDIf you want to store your apps on your SD card you have two choices with Kang-o-rama 0.9 Final, both have their limitations and you need to research these. The "ext" method requires you to create a special partition on your SD card, the "sd" method does not. If you are not aware of "ext" partitions I suggest you use the "sd" method.

To use the Apps2SD method open Spare Parts and select one of the options. The "Default" option will store the app where the developer intends it to be stored although this may mean that most of your apps are stored on internal storage rather than your sdcard. You can force all apps to the sd card but this will cause problems with widgets and apps that run in the background or as a service, please research the limitations. You typically need to restart your launcher to see some apps from time to time with this method.

To use the Apps2SD(ext) method you need to set up your ext partition (no swap necessary) and run /system/xbin/startapps2ext in a terminal or with adb, then reboot your phone. The first boot may take some time as the apps are moved and the symlinks established. This new method of Apps2ext is provided by Darktremor and is amazingly robust, it has yet to fail me. This method works totally transparently and with any SD card as long as your ext partition is set up correctly (just use the recovery menu to do this). Read all about it here (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=670087) and remember to send your props to the dev team, this shit is good. Dalvik-Cache is ALSO moved to SD card with this method (reversible).apps2sd(ext) Special commands (by default you don't need to use these):

a2sd check <- Provide a2sd(ext) status and diagnose problems
a2sd install <- REinstall if you have already gone no-ext -> ext -> no-ext
a2sd remove <- Prevent a2sd(ext) from running - expect problems if your apps are on the SD Card!
a2sd nocache <- Revert dalvik-cache back to /data
a2sd cachepart <- Move dalvik-cache to /cache
The Apps2SD(ext) method provided here in Kang-o-rama is the most advanced, stable, robust and feature full version available on any Froyo ROM! All SD cards, all users!

For more information and support of DarkTermor A2SD (apps2ext) see this thread (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=670087).

Sí, probando veo que a mi también me salen verdes, pero solamente las que tomo a objetos muy cercanos.

De todas formas leo hay un patch (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3MS324DZ) que arregla lo verde, ahora lo pruebo y lo comento aquí.

Por cierto no deja grabar 30 segundos, si no 30 minutos en HD.

Fotos sacadas a una hoja A4 blanca a corta distancia, después del patch no sale verde.

Antes del patch

Después del patch

06/08/10, 14:28:36
una traduccion y un minituto para los que estamos en froyo oficial y vamos a rotearlo???

06/08/10, 17:28:53
Yo lo he hecho así, no me hago responsable si no te funciona ;)

Entiendo que tienes la partición Ext creada. Bueno en principio 2 pasos simples:

En el terminal del propio móvil, por ejemplo teclea esto: (El 'su' no recuerdo si es imprescindible, pero por si acaso lo pones)
su (ENTER)
/system/xbin/startapps2ext (ENTER)

Y renicias el móvil. Puede tardar, paciencia

Luego para ganar otros megas más, pasamos el Dalvik-Cache a la SD, en el terminal:
su (ENTER)
a2sd cachepart (ENTER)
Reinicias de nuevo, puede tardar, paciencia

Luego puedes pasar las aplis que quieras a la SD desde Ajustes- Aplicaciones

Los pasos también se pueden hacer con ADB SHELL (terminal del SDK de Android)