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Status Bar
Added: In the “Settings - Notification and Status Bar - Application Notification Manager” switch to increase the suspension notifications and reminders, your friend “suspension notice” has been on-line, but also with small partners ‘reminder’ together. (Note3 Blue Charm subsequent increase).
Find phone
Fixed: entering report the loss mode, the notification bar will prompt “not open lookup phone functions”.
Fixed: Meizu own browser into the official network hit 24-hour online customer service, conversations over bomb box range, you can not drag up and down to view historical dialogue.
Fixed: sporadic UGC video sharing buttons do not respond.
Fixed: connect to a wireless network, you can not enter my video network is poor or no network.
Fix: play online video, video is now even unresponsive.
Mobile housekeeper
Optimization: “consumable reminder” abnormal power optimization remind the QQ and micro-channel super added whitelist, not power-hungry reminder prompt. If after an application standby receive information, please 'phone housekeeper - power-saving mode - Standby power management "to see if the application is prohibited standby operation rights.
Optimization: Mobile housekeeper in the revised traffic management, integration of mobile networks, wireless networks for networked control, increase traffic to purchase entrance. (Blue note2 charm, charm blue note2 Telecom supports the remaining subsequent optimization models only)
Input method
Added: Charm blue metal together into the new input method, I tried to say good, used to know.
Fixed: Yen text click no vibration effect.
Fixed: Click the blank panel face should not have the effect of vibration.
Fixed: text color or enter emoji expression panel, and click on the icon in the bottom bar will switch positioned expression category, but the actual expression is not switched.
Fixed: sporadic Sogou input method will automatically switch back to the system input method, ha ha ha, the system input method unhappy: I obviously easier to use.
Lock screen
Optimization: Close the lock screen notification when content preview lock screen notification text changed to “receive a new message,” I finally no longer so obvious privacy information is found in the female vote.
Fix: drop-down immediately after you delete a notification on the lock screen notification bar, notification bar is no frosted glass or blurred background.
Fixed: phone unlock splash screen will appear when the problem is resolved, the eye is not spicy.
Fixed: When the weather comes with wake-up system too many times lead to excessive consumption.
Fix: failed to open Wi-Fi network settings page even now skipped.
Fixed: sporadic OTA upgrade to unrecognized SIM card Flyme appear after beta. (Only for PRO 6)
Optimization: from the document into the gallery to view some pictures are not clear.
Fixed: enter 'Gallery - Show on Map "after sporadic gallery flash back.
Fix: Stock photo thumbnail list margins disproportionate, even if only 0.1 millimeters problem, we will take to resolve.
Fixed: Cloud Albums, click the “Backup Settings” column time when the system power and other display Bai could not see.
Fixed: Edit pictures saved, displays the first image.
Fixed: Adding stickers save the picture can not be deleted.
Fixed: cloud open a photo album, can not be loaded directly clear, now eyes are not flowers, the legs do not ache, stick! (Note3 Blue Charm subsequent increase)
Fixed: Long press to enter multiple choice mode album, the album does not show the optional upper right corner of the Select button.
Fixed: Only SD card shooting pictures, the album does not display the continuous shooting. (Applies only to the SD card can be installed in the phone)
Fixed: select a picture in a message, select the number of digital pictures around with no spaces.
Fixed: Album list management interface, copy to the phone album, album hidden by default.
Fixed: Self Timer / Burst photo album, some stored in phone memory, part stored in the SD card can not be displayed, has been hidden. (Applies only to the SD card can be installed in the phone)
File Management
Will upload failed upload files more than 2G: - repair. (Blue metal charm subsequent optimization)
Fixed: “File Manager - extracting” individual Zip archive is not available to view.
Fixed: “File Manager - Cloud dish” point upload files directly into Flash point retreated to the previous interface.
Fix: Click File Management “recently added” will flash back.
Added: switch multi-frame noise reduction, enhance the effect of nighttime photographs, hand-held night without pressure, please call me old wet. (Only for PRO 6)
Optimization: Double-click the camera interface mode to enter the square to take photographs, thumbnail generation is too slow.
Optimization: optimization algorithm panoramic, Meizu phone with you shoot a magnificent mountains and rivers map.
Fix: Turn on the camera for the first time there will not focus.
Fixed: slow motion mode to scan code mode, the preview screen exception. (PRO 6 subsequent optimization)
Fixed: Camera front camera is set to 16: 9, the use of QQ open the camera, then turn on the camera, the ratio becomes 4: 3.
Fixed: third-party applications (such as SMS, notes, etc.) call camera, click the Settings button to view the pictures size, no default size.
Added: The left side lyrics add music label, is it, is it → ♫, see?
Fixed: On the status bar, music lyrics occasionally play audio Caton phenomenon.
Fixed: the voice system into English, music, click to open offline station, Play button to display incomplete, OCD patients do not cry, you gave the issue resolved.
Fixed: Can not update the song off the radio.
Fixed: local music and online music player switching, high probability equalizer invalid.
Fixed: When the music player phone horizontal screen, pull-down, music widget does not cover the full screen.
Fixed: lock screen music player Caton lyrics and play progress is not displayed.
Fixed: under lock screen progress bar music lyrics often full.
Fixed: Online music is playing interface, click download, click Edit, in addition to the cover do not enter into force. (PRO 6 subsequent optimization)
Fixed: After DLNA music pauses, and then click to play invalid.
Fixed: registration Flyme account, countries and regions in the search bar to input Chinese characters “No search results” Congratulations on your success Escaping “No search results area.”
Landscaping theme
Fixed: Setting screen, click on the preview wallpaper, desktop preview does not show.

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