Ver la Versión Completa : Open Home v4.9.2

02/06/10, 11:54:42
Open Home v4.9.2
Requirements: Android
Overview: Open Home Android App allows you to customize your Android phone's desktop

Supporting multiple screens to place icons for apps or widgets (Clock, Google Search, Battery Status, Weather, etc.). Open Home Android App features a touch screen virtual keyboard to type keywords into the Google Search Widget. Open Home supports auto-rotate and Skin chooser, so you can browse skins in the Android Market to further customize you phone. One of the stand-out features of Open Home is “Live Folders“, which is an Android firmware 1.5 feature, you can display any source of data on the Home screen without forcing the the launch of an application. A Live Folder can be used to display all your contacts, your bookmarks, your email, your play-lists, an RSS feed, etc.