Ver la Versión Completa : [APP-MOD] CameraNextMod

16/03/16, 01:10:16
Esta aplicación soporta todos los efectos y panorámicas. Funciona Slow motion.

scene mode added in settings(not all of them work, let me know which ones do so I can remove the non functional ones)
ISO auto is now default
autofocus zone added
sharpness 4, contrast 4, saturation 6 default
skintone enhancement added
color effect added
red eye reduction added
histogram added
video stabilization toggle
video color effect
video HDR toggle bootMGR
50MP bugfixes
support for vanir/exodus?(Needs testing) infinityplus
help with new quickbar with ISO options

Para eliminar sonidos de cámara
Ir a /system/media/audio/ui
Borrar camera_click.ogg
Borrar camera_focus.ogg
Borrar VideoRecord.ogg

Fuente: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-z5/themes-apps/cyanogenos-camera-2-0-005-t3282441