Ver la Versión Completa : ROM Lite ROM 2.0

27/06/15, 15:45:49
Os invito a probar esta nueva rom, me parece con diferencia la más rápida de todas, quizá debido a su simpleza con respecto a la v3, ultimate (algunas cosas de estas no las posee)


THL 5000 Lite ROM 2.0 - this is currently the fastest and most smooth ROM, there is no lagg on this rom of any kind, works perfect, fast and smooth.
This is the latest ROM from excellent ukrainian author Dimid/iv2012 (see below this post and please donate him on WebMoney, if you have an account there). It's a pity that Dimid hasn't Paypal. ROM advantages are: pure Android, small size, simplicity, speed and low battery consumption. ROM is ROOTed, GAPPS are included, OTG works. Dimid gave me permission to upload ROM here. I prepared a little bit modified version where removes residual cyrillic, added missing translates and made a few small changes. I'm excited from this ROM - I have installed Gravity Box through which I set what I need.
Languages: Multilanguage

El gestures funciona a la perfección también pero el LED da fallos creo que da fallos (por lo menos a mí)

27/06/15, 15:46:20